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6 Cute and Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a Family | East Texas Moms Blog

It will sneak up on us, this Valentne’s Day. There are so many real things on the calendar between now and then that I will not realize it’s Valentine’s Day until it is.

It’s not on purpose. I like Valentine’s Day. I like the decorations that are tucked away in my Valentine Pinterest board. But I will not make those things. My strengths do not include the crafting of things.

Despite my lack of planning, we usually manage to have some kind of fun activity on Valentine’s Day. Do you know what this means? It means that even if you are the worst planner and a horrible crafter, a Valentine event is still possible. My son is six years old, so I’ve got six easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family with young kids.

Take the family on a picnic.


 A Valentine picnic doesn’t have to be red and heart themed. Pack a sandwich lunch and head outside. Set up camp in your backyard or take the picnic to a park. This small park is in our neighborhood; it’s only trees and this one picnic table but my kids love to run around and “play in the woods.”



Make a Valentine sensory bin.

 Valentine'sEven I can pull off a sensory bin. The only thing I bought for this bin was a bag of those red and pink little puff balls. Everything else I had in my kitchen. Cake pan, small bowl, cupcake wrapper, tooth picks, chop sticks, spatulas, and a whisk. That little red pan is an egg poaching pan, which I realize is strange but it’s from the grocery store so really it’s plain and normal and not strange at all.

I made three of these sensory bins this same year, which is the kind of statement that might make you doubt any of my previous claims of unpreparedness. I made a pile of everything that was small and red or pink and ended up with this kitchen-themed bin; one with ribbons, beads and pipe cleaners; and one with two bowls of dry beans – one bowl of red and one bowl of white.

Take the kids to pick out Valentine’s gifts for a loved one.

This is a sweet thing that my mother-in-law does with my kids; she takes them to pick out gifts for me and my husband. It’s hilarious what they buy. “Mommy likes coffee and jewelry,” my son told her. He came home with a bag of coffee beans and a sweet red necklace for me. Daddy got peanut butter chocolates in a football tin, which is also a perfect match.

Make Strawberry Shortcake together.

 Valentine'sThe kids used cookie cutters to cut shapes out of crescent roll dough. I cut the strawberries and they helped make whipped cream, which is another one of those statements that makes you think I’m lying about my lack of skills. It’s actually easy to make if you haven’t made it before. Just a little whipping cream, sugar and vanilla whipped with an electric mixer. You can make it even easier and buy heart shaped cookies at the store and a can of whipped cream – both are delicious. Check out these other Valentine’s themed snacks.


Make handmade valentines for each other.


This is really just coloring. Color lots of things! Here is a picture of mountains.

Make a Valentine’s Day themed art project.

Yes. I am sure you have at least some of the materials to make one of those projects you will find on Pinterest. In fact, this is a challenge!  I challenge you to make a Valentine art project. I will also make one and all of our Valentine art projects will be awesome and wonderful and full of memories.

What do you like to do with your family for Valentine’s Day? Do you opt for a babysitter and a romantic date night instead? Are you a planner and get the best of both worlds with your amazing foresight?

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