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Disney Vacation MUST Haves

After only one trip to Disney World and one trip to Disneyland, I am by no means a Disney expert!  However, since I love to be prepared and organized, I do think I have some ideas that I would consider Disney vacation “MUST Haves”.

Disney Family Vacation

We Love Disney


No, I don’t mean you have to plan every minute of your Disney vacation, but you do need some idea of what attractions you can’t miss and where they are located.  I used the Unofficial Guides  for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  I found them to be very helpful in deciding what attractions were MUSTS for our family and tips for how to make the most of our trips.  I also used Pinterest as a resource and found some great information on making the most out of Fastpass  at Disneyland and Fastpass+ at Disney World.

Unofficial Guides

Unofficial Guides to Disneyland and Walt Disney World


Disney involves A LOT of walking, and standing, and climbing in and out of attractions, and walking and walking and walking.  You definitely do not want to ruin your fun by being uncomfortable!

  • I know a Disney vacation involves many pictures, but don’t choose fashion over comfort!  Try to find something extremely comfortable that you can still feel cute while wearing.  I’ve tried many options, shorts, skirt, denim capris, cargo pants, but if you know me at all, you know that it was my favorite Under Armor pants, for the win!
    Comfy Clothes Win at Disney!

    Comfy Clothes Win at Disney!

  • Our first Disney trip was to Disney World.  I went back and forth between Nikes and Sperrys.  On our second trip to Disneyland, I wore my Nikes the entire trip.  My girls wore flip flops (on a particularly wet day) and Disney Crocs on half day visits to Epcot and Animal Kingdom, but running shoes on every full day in a Disney park.  The guys stuck with Nikes.
Shoes at Disney

Comfortable Shoes are a MUST at Disney


Buy your Disney shirts, costumes, ears and hats BEFORE you leave home.  It will save you a lot of money and you’ll still be able to purchase a souvenir or two at Disney.  Also, you can find many cute princess ideas without your little girl having to wear the hot, itchy and impractical for rides dresses available at the parks.  My girls loved their princess inspired apron skirts and have used them many times after our Disney trips.

Princess Costumes and Mouse Ears

Princess Costumes and Mouse Ears


Whether you are a minimalist or an “everything but the kitchen sink” type, you will want to have a few things with you in a Disney park.  Every member of my family over the age of four carries their own park bag with a few essentials.  Here is a short list of things you don’t want to forget:

  • Rain Ponchos (you most likely WILL need them and they are much cheaper purchased at home)
  • Gum (Disney parks do not sell gum.)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
    My Family's Park Bags

    My Family’s Park Bags

    If you want more detailed information on what is in our park bags, you can read about it here.


Disney vacations truly can be “magical” and being prepared definitely helps!  Most importantly, remember to stay calm and be flexible when things don’t go EXACTLY as planned.  Just being at Disneyland or in Disney World is creating lasting memories for your family.

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