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What They’re Saying in My Classroom Is Not Good | East Texas Moms Blog

I have the privilege of teaching high school art. It is the most amazing job I could have ever asked for. I get to teach my students about a subject I absolutely LOVE! I get to talk art all day.  I get to help my students reach goals and learn new things, and I even sometimes get to make art with them. All in all, my day job is incredible.


I LOVE being able to facilitate an environment of learning and self actualization. But with this, I also see a side of students that absolutely breaks my heart.

I have a very unique position in the school as an art teacher compared to most other teachers. I get to know my students on a different level. My classroom is something I call “a safe place”, meaning I have an environment in my classroom where my students are free to express themselves without judgement (within the school’s rules and guidelines of course).

I also have my classroom as homey as I can get it. I have lamps and soft white lights plugged in, music playing, lights lowered and a Scentsy going with the apple pie smell. I want my room to feel like a second home. A sanctuary for my students. They may be having a bad day, and I hope my room is a safe and warm place to take refuge in, if only for the 45 minutes they are in my class.

 I LOVE being able to facilitate an environment of learning and self actualization. But with this, I also see a side of students that absolutely breaks my heart.

I’m not sure why kids think I can’t hear them. But they do. This is the only reason I can come up with that explains why they are shocked when I overhear some of their, frankly, terrifying conversations.

I hear what your kids are talking about, and it’s not good.

Before I start telling you what I have heard them  saying, I’m going to preface it with a few things. First, when I hear things that are illegal or harmful to students I absolutely report it. Second, it is not EVERY SINGLE CHILD.  There are some great kids out there who do not participate, but they are being impacted and I will tell you how. Third, I do stop the conversations that cross the line.  I do not just let them say what they want to when it is offensive or harmful.

Okay, are you ready to hear what is really going on with teens?

I hear so much in my classroom. For whatever the reason, they talk, and they talk loudly. I can overhear conversations that make me cringe.

Oh, that sweet little girl that will be dropped off at church tonight? Yea, well she is considering calling her boyfriend to come pick her up and take her to the park. She feels frustrated she isn’t allowed to go on a date with him, so instead she feels like she has to sneak around. In her eyes, it is her parents fault.

Oh and another teen boy is bragging about the vape he just bought from a friend. But it’s totally ok though, its not as bad as cigarettes so he is being responsible. His friends are also tastefully discussing the girls they follow on Snapchat and how they “totally will send nudes if you ask.”

I’m really sorry to tell you. Many of them are having sex or they say they are at least. The boys are blatantly talking about the girls at school who are willing do whatever you want, or the ones who will “snap” you. The girls are viciously shaming girls who are willing to “put out” but also brag about how many times the have been with a guy and shame girls for being “prude.”

I would just like to add how confusing it must be to be a teenager these days. Most kids have smoked marijuana or tried alcohol. And this is sometimes encouraged by other parents! There are kids parents out there that not only don’t care, but they actively give their child access to these substances. They also don’t mind sharing with their kids’ friends.

 Most kids have also tried or been around someone who vapes. It is so normal now that they no longer understand why it’s a big deal when they get caught with one. A lot of times parents are buying it for their kids. Or kids get a new one and sell their old “mods” to a friend. They talk openly about sneaking out of the house or skipping class and doing stuff that would just hurt your heart.

Now, I’m not telling you this to make you distrust your own child. I’m just telling you this because they are dealing with things much bigger than what you think. Even if your kid doesn’t participate, they hear this stuff daily. They are being influenced. They are losing their innocence daily. You need to make sure you talk with your kids about this stuff. You need to make sure your kids are not dealing with adult issues too soon. They are too young to be having sex, worrying about being pregnant, dealing with addiction and so much more. 

Talk with them. Ask them whats going on in their lives. There’s a lot that they’re not telling you and you need to know what it is.

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