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Silly Teens……Snapchat is for Moms

When I say I am not going to do something, I am pretty good at holding tight to it.  I vowed a long time ago that I would never get on Snapchat. I would not support it. In my mind, it was for teens to send inappropriate texts, gossip, and a way to hide things from their parents since everything disappears from Snapchat. While sadly all of those things could be true, I realized there was a clean/fun side to Snapchat that I didn’t know about.


Over the last few months, I kept seeing more and more of my Mom friends posting pictures from Snapchat on Facebook and Instagram. I started to think, “maybe SnapChat isn’t what I think it is, if all of my friends are using it”.  I fell into the peer pressure and downloaded it one evening.IMG_3983

(Now this is where my Mom would say, “If all of your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you?)


I have to admit, I had to have a few lessons from my younger sister-in-law on how to use Snap Chat. I don’t really think it is very user friendly. Or maybe it is. Maybe it’s just not 30 yr old Mom user friendly. Who knows? I have since figured it out……for the most part.  If you are new to Snapchat and need a few pointers, Dallas Moms Blog wrote a great post.IMG_4996

The reason I say “Silly Teens, SnapChat is for Moms” is because I feel like teens aren’t responsible enough to use it. I think they do probably use it for the not so good reasons mentioned above.  And because everything disappears after 2 views if it is snapped privately or after 24 hours if it is snapped publicly, kids aren’t responsible for what they post.  However, for Moms I feel like it’s a place to post quick snippets of real life. Instagram has kind of gotten a little “too perfect and pretty” lately. While Snapchat does have filters that make you really pretty, it’s all “in the moment” posts. I have found a lot of Moms feel more comfortable making fun of themselves and being lighthearted when they post on Snapchat because it’s not going to be there tomorrow.


My absolute favorite reason why Snapchat is for Moms is because it is SO MUCH FUN to do with your little ones. My kids love playing with the filters. It’s become part of our afternoon routine. We all snuggle up on the couch before naptime and I tell my boys we will take “silly pictures” for 5 minutes and then we rest. It’s a deal they are happy to make. We laugh so hard and have such a good time together. After dinner we like to show Daddy all the silly pictures we took and then see all the funny filters on him too. It’s created such a fun family activity for us. Half of the time I don’t even post anything, we just have fun playing with it. It’s also become quite the lifesaver when we have been at a doctor’s office or a restaurant for a while and need something to do to pass the time.


I know there are lots of things I don’t know how to use on Snap Chat, but if I don’t learn anything else I am completely happy to be able to take silly pictures like this!!



Happy Snapping!!



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