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mental load

The Mental Load | East Texas Moms Blog

How many of you are familiar with the concept of  “the mental load”? Please take a minute – or three – and review that link. Trust me. It’ll open in a new window and you can refer back to it as you go – but what I’m about to say won’t make quite as much […]

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A Well Oiled Machine

Staying Organized as a Wife and Mom This is what my desk at work and/or at home looks like every day.  There is NO way as a mother a 4 (3 of which are Foster Loves) and as a wife (to a football/tennis coach) I can keep myself and my family running like a well […]

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Hey Mom, What’s Up With All the Stuff?

Over the past few weeks we have been moving into a smaller place, and recently been finishing up the lovely task with emptying an attic full of things. Stuff. In between what seemed like hundreds of trips loading the truck, picking up and putting down boxes and bags of things, contemplating that we are officially […]

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Organizing Digital Photos

We take so many digital pictures these days!  Whether it is with our DSLR camera, point and shoot camera, phone, tablet, or something else.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with pictures.  Our device memory becomes full, our cloud storage gets full and our Dropbox can get full.  What do we do with all of […]

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Too Many Toys and What to Do About It

Every January, I find myself drowning in toys! I’m overwhelmed with all the new things my kids have gotten for Christmas, and I have no idea where to put them in our already over-full house!  I would leave gifts in their boxes for days, weeks even, not knowing where to store them. My kids were […]

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