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Not My World: Prioritizing Parenthood

My kids are not my world. As I scroll the news feed on my Facebook page, I see countless adorable pictures of babies. I’m in the time of life where friends are announcing the birth or adoption of children, a truly wonderful thing! Inevitably, though, I’ll see this hashtag: #myworld. Friends, though that hashtag may […]

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True Life Series: {Hanging On} When Marriage Gets Hard

This is probably the most difficult blog post I’ve written. It’s one I’ve prayed about, over thought, and talked myself out of a few hundred times. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m somewhat comfortable with being real about motherhood when it gets hard, but getting real about marriage…I’ve struggled with…a lot. However, as much […]

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3 Ways Marriageis like a3 Legged Race

3 Ways Marriage is Like a 3 Legged Race

Have you ever felt out of sync with your husband? Like you’re running a 3 legged race together, but can’t sequence your feet right? I recently put my kids up to the challenge of a 3 legged race around the house to prove to them it takes time, energy and practice to be on the […]

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Preplanned Dates for Each Month

A Year of Date Nights!

“Date nights are so important for your marriage.” If you’ve been married longer than a minute, you have probably heard that slice of advice before.  When the kids come along, you hear that date night prescription even more. Date nights for married couples ARE important.  Dedicating time for the two of you can help you […]

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