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Date Your Daughter: One Dad’s Thoughts

My first daddy/daughter date was 5 years ago for my oldest daughter’s kindergarten “Sweet Heart Ball.” I can remember how exciting it was for Keatyn when she knew that it would just be her and daddy going to dinner. How she felt so special when I pulled the chair out for her, and she had her […]

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Why I Date My Son (1)

Why I Date My Son

He’s only little once!  And while he is little, and I am the love of his life, I will date him:)  These are the reasons dating my son are top priority to me: I want to teach him how to be a gentleman.  Chivalry will not die with Dryver Cowart! I want to show him […]

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Preplanned Dates for Each Month

A Year of Date Nights!

“Date nights are so important for your marriage.” If you’ve been married longer than a minute, you have probably heard that slice of advice before.  When the kids come along, you hear that date night prescription even more. Date nights for married couples ARE important.  Dedicating time for the two of you can help you […]

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Image from True Vine Brewery

True Vine Brewing Co. {{GiveAway}}

So I heard you say you were looking for something new to do on a Saturday night?   You MUST give True Vine Brewing Company’s OPEN TAPS a try.  Wait, you can’t line out a sitter, no worries!  True Vine is family friendly…heck it’s even pet friendly!  Let us paint a picture for you…you load […]

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