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The Ultimate Backyard Movie Night

Summertime is my favorite time of year; grilling out, lemonade stands, Slip-n-Slides, the sound of the ice cream truck coming ‘round the corner and of course our Ultimate Backyard Movie Night.

Aaaah, that’s Summer!  And while I know it’s just about over…there’s still room for a movie night!

Around our house summer is the most relaxing time of the year. The kids are out of school so that means bedtime is almost nonexistent, dinner is almost always late and every night is an adventure. We have always tried to find creative ways to make our evenings just a little more exciting. One of the ways we have come to know and love year after year is our Ultimate Backyard Movie Night. So, while the nights are still warm, why not watch a movie under the stars? What better way than to enjoy the summer’s night. Today, I am sharing with you how you can easily turn your backyard into the Ultimate Backyard Movie Night by following a few simple steps:

First things first, The Projector. Finding the projector is key, without it, you won’t be able to show your movie. The good news is there are options: Ask friends, family and colleagues first, if you can borrow one. That is always the more preferable option. Schools, universities and libraries usually rent out projectors for a fee too. A quick google search for audio/visual rental companies is also an option. Craigslist and eBay are a good choice if you are looking to buy cheap. If those have all failed, there are online companies you can rent or purchase one from. Once you have your projector don’t forget to make sure that they will work with either your laptop, AppleTV or DVD player.


You can go all out with a sound system or a set of basic computer speakers will do the trick.


There are lots of options here. You can create your own screen with a few basic supplies or get creative and DIY one with a sheet or a tarp. Check out our Pinterest: Ultimate Backyard Movie Night board for ideas.

Pop a Squat:

You can be as extravagant or as simple as you want. Camping chairs and backyard patio furniture are the easy and simple choice. If you want to just scatter your lawn with as many blankets, pillows, beanbags and cushions as you can find, more power to you. If you really want to go all out, check out our Pinterest for fun little “cars” out of cardboard boxes for all your little ones. 

Pick a Flick:

If you’re like my family, it can take hours just to pick a movie everyone will like. We stick to big blockbusters, classic Disney movies, favorite comedies or action movies. Even if it’s a movie we have seen a hundred times before, watching it under the stars makes it fun.

Keeping The Bugs Away:

Let’s face it, we don’t all live in Hawaii, staying bite free from mosquitoes, ticks and other outdoor biting pests is a must in Texas. Some easy solutions can be as simple as Citronella candles (Our Pinterest: Ultimate Backyard Movie Night board has DIY candles and DIY essential oil spray), Torches filled with BiteFighter Torch Fuel and of course good ‘ole bug spray. I prefer to use Torches, not only does it keep the bugs away, but it creates a cool ambience and a low light for people to still move around.

Last but certainly not least is The Food! We love outdoor movie night, and really, I love outdoor movie night because it means no cooking for this mama. Wahoo!! Everyone gets to choose their own meal from personal pizzas with all the fix’n’s to hamburgers with french fries or hot wings, you name it we got it. You can’t forget the milkshakes, my daughter loves her milkshakes. And what movie is complete without a popcorn and s’mores bar. 


Turn your Ultimate Backyard Movie Night into a dive in theater. Just add water!

Grab you swimsuit and your favorite pink flamingo floaties and dive in!  

Alrighty, there is fun to be had; now get to it…We have just a few more summer nights left.

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See you under the stars!

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