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99 Things to do this SUMMER!

SummerSummer is quickly approaching and in our house we could not be more excited!!!  I sat down with my kiddos and together we made our Summer Fun List.  This was super fun!  Of course this list has some items that are unique to my kids, our house, our family, our interests.  You should sit down with your kiddos and create your Summer Fun List.  The great thing about creating the list together is that everything on the list is kid approved!  So when boredom tries to sneak in this summer bring out THE LIST!  

33 Things I Can Do All By Myself: 

(This list was created for the times Momma needs to get something done!  Or just needs some time to herself.)

  1.  ride the zip-line
  2. go fishing in the pond
  3. ride my bike
  4. play a video game
  5. color
  6. paint
  7. draw
  8. play play dough
  9. write a story
  10. read a book
  11. climb a tree
  12. take a bath
  13. watch a movie
  14. make a card
  15. go through my toys
  16. write a letter
  17. call a friend
  18. hit baseballs
  19. play basketball
  20. skate
  21. play dress up
  22. go on a walk
  23. ride my skateboard
  24. make a video
  25. make a snack
  26. paint my face
  27. bounce tennis balls with a racquet
  28. kick soccer balls
  29. kick the football
  30. swing
  31. ride my scooter
  32. take a nap
  33. do a chore (I mean if 1-32 aren’t enough:)

33 Things to do with a Friend:

(This list was created for those times the kids have a friend over and they still cannot figure out what to do.)

  1.  play soccer
  2. play football
  3. play tennis
  4. play baseball
  5. play catch
  6. build an outside tree fort
  7. build an inside blanket fort
  8. go on a hike
  9. play one on one basketball
  10. play basketball HORSE 
  11. play basketball Around the World
  12. play a board game
  13. play a card game
  14. have a Nerf gun war
  15. wrestle
  16. make a video
  17. play school
  18. go fishing
  19. create competitions
  20. create an obstacle course
  21. go swimming/play in the sprinkler
  22. race each other
  23. make a no bake snack
  24. go on a nature hunt
  25. make up a game
  26. solve a mystery
  27. use your imagination
  28. fly paper airplanes
  29. race remote control cars
  30. build something
  31. tell stories
  32. make pillow people
  33. make up a skit

33 Things to do as a Family:

( This list was created for family fun night.  We seem to have more opportunities in the summer for family fun time.)

  1.  go out to eat
  2. target shooting
  3. go to a drive-in movie
  4. go to a regular movie
  5. movie night at home
  6. themed dinner night
  7. go on a picnic
  8. breakfast in bed
  9. make snacks together
  10. go on a walk
  11. tell all the wonderful things about each other
  12. talk about your favorite memory
  13. read a book together
  14. make blessing bags
  15. take food to a family or friend
  16. cook a meal together
  17. bake together
  18. go on a bike ride
  19. visit a state park
  20. go fishing
  21. pick blueberries/strawberries
  22. go to a water-park
  23. everyone take $5 and go to a dollar store
  24. go to  a theme park
  25. visit a zoo
  26. go to an inflatable jumping place
  27. sit around a campfire
  28. go to a painting place/paint together
  29. play putt putt golf
  30. find an escape room to do together
  31. go to an indoor trampoline park
  32. go skating
  33. go bowling

We are SO ready for summer to be here and to begin checking the fun off of our list!

What are some fun things your kids to do during the summer? 


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