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Raising a Joseph in a Justin World | East Texas Moms Blog

boysBack in October, my daughter got “booed” for Halloween by a sweet young boy in her school. He did the most amazing job on her boo gift. It was the cutest thing. They are 10. Things like this are still in the cute stage. This is what I’m telling myself anyway.

But my oldest. Sigh. Well, this old momma here is STRUGGLING with that one. A complete oxymoron for sure. We’ve made it to the last year of middle school without even the slightest mention of girls, which I will declare has been FINE BY ME. Yet here we are, and in the last week, two conversations have emerged about two different young ladies. TWO!! And they haven’t started with my child! Like how have I ended up in some alternate reality of “Clueless”all of a sudden? And for all you mommas under the age of 30…just go watch it, I’m sure it’s on Netflix at this point as a classic.


Can we take a minute to just talk about the aggressive nature of girls these days? Like, there is no “I’m going to wait for him to ask me, to approach me, to have a conversation with me.” It’s all about, “Hey Becky, go ask Johnny if he likes me, and when is he going to ask me out? And if he doesn’t answer, ask him tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day until he just says yes.” Are you kidding me?

Didn’t Your Momma Teach You Better?

I’m trying hard to raise a son that is respectful of women. I know that girls will eventually land on his radar. And that’s great. Whoever they may be, they have been prayed for. But at the same time, I’ve told him, if there comes a time when he does take notice of a girl, let it be because there is something special about her HE notices. Not because of something that she has to tell you herself, and for sure not something that she has to send her friends to tell you. That kind of business lands you in predicaments that lead to untimely, and often costly choices. 

Deep breaths, tons of prayers, and lots of trying to keep my mouth shut in this moment. It’s a different time. There is no denying that. But some things such as teaching self-respect and respecting others will never be for naught. I won’t give up in trying to always teach that. I just hope I don’t lose my mind in the process!


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