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If 2016 Will Be Hard

At the start of a new year, the world is bombarding you with messages telling you that you should “Be your best self” and “Make wiser resolutions you can keep”. Maybe you’re feeling a bit paralyzed by this. It’s almost the end of January, and you feel like you’re already defeated because you realize that […]

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And the winners are... (1)

And the Winners are…

  We are thrilled to announce the winners from this week’s GIVEAWAYS!   Lone Star Photography: Heather Taylor Accessory Dash: Whitney Hill Kool Beanz: Leah Couch Come Together Trading: Debra Sanchez True Vine Brewing Co.: Shannon King   Congratulations!!!  Please email us at [email protected] for the details.  

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Image from True Vine Brewery

True Vine Brewing Co. {{GiveAway}}

So I heard you say you were looking for something new to do on a Saturday night?   You MUST give True Vine Brewing Company’s OPEN TAPS a try.  Wait, you can’t line out a sitter, no worries!  True Vine is family friendly…heck it’s even pet friendly!  Let us paint a picture for you…you load […]

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step 3

Organizing Digital Photos

We take so many digital pictures these days!  Whether it is with our DSLR camera, point and shoot camera, phone, tablet, or something else.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with pictures.  Our device memory becomes full, our cloud storage gets full and our Dropbox can get full.  What do we do with all of […]

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Come Together Trading Collage4

Local Fair Trade Shopping?! {{Come Together Trading GIVEAWAY}}

 Do you ever think of your dollars as someone else’s salary?  Every purchase you make is supporting some company, some producer, artisan, or factory worker, and indirectly becoming someone’s income.  Is it providing a fair wage?  Is is supporting people who need money or lining the pockets of the uber rich? In our global economy, […]

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For your heart’s sake.

Yesterday, I set out for a run. Got the girls to school and left the baby with the hubs. That in itself feels like a workout most days! I was really looking forward to running. I have thoroughly missed it over the past 9 months of pregnancy! So I hit play on my iPod filled […]

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