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My Last Mother’s Day At Home: A Letter to Mom | East Texas Moms Blog

Dear Mom, 

On this, my final Mother’s Day living in your home as I am about to graduate from high school, I reflect on all the wonderful things you’ve brought to my life. I know there is no way I could do justice to the ways you have helped me, or describe the lifetime of wisdom you’ve taught me. But I will try.

Something I will miss is our long conversations before bed.

I think everyone needs someone they can fully trust and say anything to. You’ve always been that person for me.  When I was six, I knew I could tell you when I took the neighbor’s bunny and you would still love me. You helped give me a place where I could shine light on the things I was ashamed of and therefore become free. Our conversations were always a relief.

You were the first person I wanted to talk to when I had my first heartbreak. I was dumbfounded when I got home, and I needed someone to lean on. I was comforted by knowing that my pain was not felt alone. Your loving arms were there to hold me through every struggle I endured. And somehow, through each struggle, I believe I have grown stronger. With your help I am learning how to handle hard times, trusting that each trial will serve its purpose in making me closer to who I am meant to be.

You help me know I am amazing in my differences.

It’s fun to have someone as crazy as I am who I can look up to. Both of us have done things like getting stuck in weird places or forgetting the words to a song on stage, but so far we’ve made it out alive. We both tend to go with our gut, and I suppose God uses hearts like that.

Society has screamed in the ears of all mankind, “BE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!” But you do not comply. I admire how you choose what you want and don’t care if its conventional.  You do not play by the rules of most people.

You portray confidence, but not in a prideful manner.

As you sing on stage with poise, your heart shines through the notes. You truly embody grace and elegance. The way you approach life is the only way I think a person can if they wish to find true, long-lasting happiness. You have a way of being humbly OK with yourself, knowing God’s grace has you covered. Your humility helps you respond to others in a graceful manner. You look past people’s differences and blemishes, and care about the heart of each individual. Your example has inspired me to do the same. If I make it out half as good as you, I’ll be successful.

I have never had much fear when wrestling with the big questions that many people are taught to avoid. You have always encouraged me to dive deep into the mysteries of life, and to discover my own truths instead of simply accepting what I am taught. I suppose this is why I don’t feel like I ever needed to rebel. You let me decide a lot of things for myself.

I see you as a strong ship that stays sturdy even as waves crash along the side. You know that the waves will stop, and you trust God through the storm.

As I head off to college, I want to hold strong to the things that I know are true, and trust in the same way that you do.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, Rebecca  

*Rebecca Richardson is an East Texas high school senior who graduates this month. In the Fall, she will leave home and begin college.

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