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Womenary: Digging Deeper

WomenaryAre you ready to go deeper with your bible study?
Are you active in your church bible study program? 
Do you strive to teach your children or grandchildren true and right things about God?
Have you ever dreamed of attending seminary? 
Are you a ministry leader in your church?
Are you a Pastor’s wife?
Are you a woman that simply wants to know more about the Bible?

Womenary may be just the answer for you!

Have you ever wanted to dig into something a bit deeper.  Maybe you feel like you know a little bit about it, or maybe you feel like you’ve known about it most of your life, but you want to really focus in on the topic and get a better understanding and more knowledge.  This is how I felt about studying my Bible.   About 15 years ago, my husband attended Seminary while I was teaching school.  I loved learning along side him as he made his way through Biblical classes and classes that taught him about Theology and how to study the Bible.  At the time, I didn’t really think about going through Seminary myself because I didn’t have a desire to be in vocational ministry and honestly at the time, I only really saw getting this kind of a degree as a need if you planned to do ministry as your job. 

Fast forward 15 years and I felt I was at a place that I wanted to dig deeper in my understanding of the Bible.  It’s history, how it’s meant to be studied and used and what it’s purpose has been through history. One day I heard some of my girlfriends talking about a semester class they were taking and it totally piqued my interest.  This is when I learned about Womenary!

Womenary was started in 2004 in Tyler, Tx.  It was started by a few women with that same desire to dig deeper!  Over the past 13 years it has grown not only in numbers, but also in location.  Currently Womenary meets in Tyler and in the Longview area.  These classes go through a curriculum and are structured around either a book(s) of the Bible OR a way to study and view the Bible.  Each class is packed with so much knowledge that, in my experience over the last two semesters, I felt like I had more than enough to think on between each class.  I learned things about the Bible that, even as a person who grew up in the church, I had never learned.  Their classes arm you with the skills to confidently interpret scripture, dig into why we can rely on the accuracy of God’s Word, learn about the doctrines of Salvation and The Holy Spirit, and more. One thing that has meant a lot to me is that in the days in between classes, I was able to have discussions with my girlfriends, who were also attending, about what we were learning.  

Are you a mom?  

Is childcare an issue with classes such as these?  Womenary has worked hard to make sure there are very few obstacles keeping you from having the opportunity to attend a Semester class.  They offer childcare right on location so it makes it easy for drop off and pickup AND gives you the opportunity to learn knowing your children are being cared for nearby.  The registration and fees can be paid easily at their website!

Now that I have two semesters under my belt, I’m eager to get registered for this coming Semester. Registration is open now and if you are unsure if this the thing for you, Womenary offers you a Free One Day Pass to sit in on a class to see if you think you’d like to join in for the Semester Or come for a visit to help you decide for the semesters to come.  


Need more info about Womenary?  Head over to their website!  REGISTRATION is NOW OPEN!

**Though this content is sponsored, the opinions and experience is completely ours!

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