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A Unicorn Everyday…No Way!

unicornI’ve yet to meet a Unicorn I didn’t love.  Seriously.  Even that cute Unicorn emoji has me filled with all the rainbows and sprinkles.

Maybe this is on my mind because of incredible marketing. Maybe, it’s those ridiculously cute Unicorn Adult Onesies (as seen on my sweet friend here).  Or maybe it’s because when a “Unicorn Moment” happens, it’s amazing and I realize it probably won’t happen this exact same way, ever again.  And I’m learning to embrace it, lean in and then move forward.

As I was running this morning, my mind was spinning.  I was listening to a podcast with two of my favorite podcasters together.  They were discussing perfection.  And this got me thinking.  We have a challenge called Social Media that is noisy everyday.  We have Pinterest and filters and self-help, all being marketed to us.  These things are all things that I myself use, daily, so I’m not knocking the good in any of these things.  But I often times wonder, if we have the expectation on ourselves to be a Unicorn Every. Single. Day.  

Let’s dive in and take a look at all the Unicorns we try to live up to:

  • The Unicorn Mom 

    She’s up at 5.  She’s filled her own cup through pausing and reflecting.  She has lunches made (with cookie cutter shaped fruit and sandwiches…all nutritionally balanced of course), laundry is all done, clothes are ironed and set out for the day, a healthy hearty breakfast is prepared, her day is well planned, all uniforms, dance clothes, instruments, school projects and deadlines are all wrapped up and on point PLUS she’s fully dressed and ready for her day before the kids rise.  She’s the room mom all while she works a full time job to contribute financially, but she’s also got tons of extra time to give each child undivided attention every day, plus care for herself and she’s well rested.  AND she doesn’t do this one day…she does this ALL. THE. DAYS.  This list could really go on, but you know where I’m going with this.  

  • The Unicorn Spouse

    See above.  Then tack on, she saves the right amount of energy every single day for connection and intimacy.

  • The Unicorn Friend

    She has time to have coffee, lunch and girls’ night out with her friends every time they ask.  She’s present in every conversation and asks the right questions to make the conversation balanced.  She remembers all birthdays.  She listens well at all times.  She’s keenly aware of the times that you have a need.  Her kids always get along with your kids.  She talks just the right amount and likes all the same things as you at the same time so you can enjoy them together.  She pushes and encourages you and has the energy to push herself as to not be too needy.  She makes you feel like you are her bestie, but also has other friends that feel the same way and it never makes you feel left out…ever.  She does all these things, all the time.

The list goes on…

  • The Unicorn Volunteer
  • The Unicorn Daughter in Law
  • The Unicorn Employee
  • The Unicorn Daughter
  • The Unicorn Sister
  • The Unicorn Entrepreneur
  • The Unicorn Bod…blah!


Ladies….this just isn’t possible every single day.  It’s not realistic.  This is make believe.

However, we WILL have moments when we KILL IT in each of these areas and it will feel like rainbows and sparkles.  Own it.  Enjoy it.  Be thankful for it.  That is real.  That is life.  And go ahead….post about it on Social Media and call it what it is.  #aunicornmoment



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One Response to A Unicorn Everyday…No Way!

  1. meredithbryans
    meredithbryans June 8, 2017 at 1:43 pm #

    I love everything about this! Including unicorns!!

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