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Three Things Saving My Life Right Now | East Texas Moms Blog

Mom Survival: 3 things saving my life.Happy Spring!

(Honestly? I hate everything right now. I’m blaming all the pollen and the gigantic eager mosquito cloud that has descended upon us.)
I looked up and it was April, or maybe it’s May!??! Who knows at this point or maybe I just don’t care. Flowers are blooming. Gardens are being planted. Time feels as if it is speeding by and I can’t catch up.
In the season when everything is renewed and exciting, I’m sitting here frustrated and drowning in laundry and misery. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration…. I am flat worn out and all I can think is that summer will be here tomorrow and I barely survived Spring break.
Please don’t let me be alone here. You in the back, can you just give a nod so I know you are with me? Stand in solidarity with me (or if you’re an introvert, sit and avert your eyes…but I do see you).  Maybe we just need to throw out some lifelines and remind ourselves that we are all in this together.

Let’s dig deep and list all the things that are saving our lives right now…I’ll start.

1. James (or if you’re there more than me… Gym).

I decided to work out again. I quit the gym in December because I went through a “no debt” illness at the end of the year and decided that the random children I sponsor and the gym fees were added expenses that weren’t adding value to my family. Because, let’s be honest, if I have to use my credit card because my sponsored kid payment comes out this week… I may need to evaluate my lifestyle choices. Jesus wants me to love others, but not at the expense of my marriage or credit score!!

Gym fees be gone” was just a great excuse for not working out. I’m not going to do it at home. I mean, I’ll wear my gym clothes and nap/watch tv but the guilt is too much to do that at the James’ house.
(I mean gym, but I don’t feel like we are close enough to go by nicknames). 

But I need to be active because I’m 40 (gasp) and I need to set a good example for my teenagers. Also, I love Zumba! (It’s the perfect combo of dancing without the beer and weirdos trying to flirt).

The best part about my “workout” is that I TALK TO NOBODY. Seriously, I’m that chick with the earphones that acts exacerbated when you ask me if I’m done with the weights/having a good day and I have to pull out my ear phones to hear and respond. Please know, it’s not you! I’m just done with words by 7 am (two teens prepping for school wears me out!!) . I’m at the gym to worship or rock out or have silence so I can people for the rest of the day. This break from people  is saving my sanity (and probably helping my health too)!

2. Being a rock star (that may be an exaggeration)

I’m in a band. It’s not a big deal. Most of the time I feel like it’s a “pity” spot in the group or maybe the band just needed a chick, but no matter WHY they let me show up, it’s saving my life. I get to play my guitar and sing with the guys. Sometimes people clap.

Last week we saved a life because music crosses all boundaries and speaks to the broken, the addict, the searching. Sometimes I feel like all three of those things. And the band is saving me. It helps me communicate with my husband (because I’m the only chick and I’m “in” on all of the conversations with my five male band mates) and helps me release all the other stuff that is bearing down on me. It’s a “thing” that is all mine.

Dear Mom,

Hear me! 

You have to have a thing that is your thing.

Not the handsome husband’s or the kid’s. Those things are good and life sustaining during seasons of drought and burden. They are the things that help you feel like a person when you are cramped and exhausted from it all. BUT FIND YOUR THING. And be guilt free about it

3. I’m kidding… there is no 3.

I can’t even “3” right now.  

What about you? Is anything saving your life right now? Anything I could use as my number 3??

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