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Things are just things.

There are lots of pretty things. And fun things. There are sentimental things. Silly things. And there are “waste of space” things.

Things can’t make you happy.

Things don’t define you.

They are not eternal.

Things don’t equal love.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of these facts. I have a newborn and we don’t sleep. So I spend a lot of time looking at things. I am always reminding myself that other bloggers are paid to promote THINGS. Heck, you can even screenshot their pictures and use an app that tells you where to buy everything they are wearing.

I think long and hard about what a person needs to survive.

Ultimately, it isn’t a lot. Food, love, shelter, oxygen and water are all we truly need. There are so many people out there who are denied one or all of these THINGS.

I have been praying lately that God help me be enough of a mother for all three of my children. They don’t care that their mother has the latest and greatest clothes or shoes. They don’t care if their home is filled with fancy things, as long as they have the essentials.

It is so easy to get carried away in thinking that we need THINGS to make our lives what we think they should look like. That is so untrue. Happiness is where you make it and with whom you make it. EveryTHING else is just a distraction.

What are some THINGS that distract you from what is important?

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