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Favorite Things Friday::The Trifecta | East Texas Moms Blog

Yo Yo Yo! …Beth S. here! I’m a late {gasp} thirty-something mom that is new to this rodeo called motherhood. I’d love to tell you that someone had sent me hundred dollar bills or free stuff for days to pimp their goods and services, but sadly they have not. This stuff? These favorite things of mine? THEY ARE WHAT KEEP ME FROM LOSING MY MIND and what keep me in the black on the ol’ bank account.


Cord Cutting

No… not that kind. No no. No birth story here. I’m talking about cutting the cord to your cable-provider-of-choice. I hate paying for stupid stuff. Hate it. I think that one reason folks are so strapped for cash these days is because we’ve added so.much.stuff. to our lives. Did our grandparents have internet bills and cell phone bills and home security system bills and and and… but I digress.

So, we became cord cutters (of the TV variety) in 2012. There really wasn’t a lot of thought behind it at the time –  which was shocking because we were die hard DVR’ers. Had fights over who needed to “clean out their shows on the DVR”. (I mean, COME ON. That shouldn’t even be A THING.) Our conversations centered around what we were going to watch. TV was an issue. Fast forward to now and we haven’t missed cable. At all. Not one bit. But recently one of our businesses needed a TV installed with cable and we discovered DirectTV on Demand (using Roku). Our home TV can piggy back off the package… and so we thought, hmmmm….. let’s see…. and…

It’s SO GREAT, y’all. It costs $10 a month if you’re an AT&T customer with unlimited data. Are we watching more TV? meh. You know what really butters my bread about this? I CAN PULL UP CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG IN A NANOSECOND and shut down a two year old terrorist attack like it ain’t no thang. Best. Tool. Ever. (especially for a kid who hasn’t watched TV. She thinks it’s magic!) Cheap TV? WINNING. (Go kiss your $150 DirectTV/DishNetwork buh-bye and call me later to thank me!)


fruit pouches

I have two children who are always hungry. Always. (add that to the list of things no one told me about kids. Heavens the meal prep and production and clean up.) With my first kid, I had two hands and most of my sanity, so she got all sorts of well thought out snacks. Enter kid #2 and his story. Enter fruit/yogurt pouches (if that’s what they’re even called…?). They save me at 10AM, 4PM and… well at 1AM when I’m so dang hungry and sleep deprived that I can’t even feed myself a bowl of cereal. But you know what? Those things got pricey and fast. My awesome sister-in-law (yo, Audra!) introduced me to Sqooshi. These things are ahhhhh-mazing. {Note: GET THE FILLING STATION} So, here’s how we roll in this joint: getcha’ some yogurt, some fruit, some vegetables, some peanut butter… basically clean out your fridge and pantry. But into blender. Load filling station. Fill pouches. BOOM! Instant snacks for… two days. Kidding! Three days if you can keep the neighbor kids out of your fridge.

I love it because I know what my kids are getting nutrition wise and it’s just easy to throw a pouch at them when they’re hangry. I usually have stuff on hand to whip up a concoction, too. This summer – I snuck in banana peppers and bell peppers. They never even knew! 


GOOD coffee

You know what the hottest hot button issue with moms is? I’ll give you three guesses and it’s not vaccinations or working/non-working choices or in-laws…

IT IS COFFEE. I’m treading lightly here because I can feel the backlash coming already, but girls. STOP DRINKING BAD COFFEE. Stop it right now. Take the time to drink quality, fair trade (for the love please buy fair trade so that the coffee making mamas are paid a fair wage by us coffee drinking mamas) coffee that will leave you wanting another cup – not needing another cup. And that is a fine line, is it not? 

So, our house embarked on a journey to find good coffee. We had found that we just weren’t excited about drinking our current brew (note: we religiously grind beans every night and set the pot for 7AM). We didn’t know if it was our palette or the roast or what, so we started Amazon’ing coffee based on reviews. Well, we found ourselves in a lurch when our next shipment didn’t arrive and so I hastily grabbed a couple of “store brand” bags while making a Brookshire’s run. And guess what? IT WAS GREAT. The Brookshire’s “Cattle Barron’s” blend is just…. well, it gives me a reason to savor that cup’o’joe and guys – I’ve got two small, tiny people who need me to start my day in a good place. If coffee is my only vice, well then I’d say we’re in good shape.

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