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Summer Mom Quiz: How Successful Are You?


We all have ’em: days when you feel like you got nothing done.  When the mess followed you around like your own shadow. (And the kids did too.)  When you had a lot of things you meant to do, but… didn’t.

It’s especially true in the summertime when ALL of your tribe is around, ALL of the time.

Don’t lose heart!  Give yourself a boost.

Here’s your “pick-me-up” Mom Productivity Quiz for the day.  Tally your points and see what awesome status you reached today!  Just remember, no task it too small to recognize as a great accomplishment. (You made coffee today, 2 points for you!)

Kids’ Clothing
1 point = For each kid you got dressed before their dad got home from work at 6pm
1 point bonus = For each kid that you actually put clothes on before noon.

Your Clothing
1 point = You changed out of pajama pants into yoga/athletic pants. (changing shirt is optional)
2 points = You changed into “real clothes” this morning. (Way to go, by the way.)

Mom Hygiene
1 point = You washed your hair this morning.
2 points = You washed and dried your hair this morning.
3 points = You washed, dried and styled your hair this morning. (Like, with a brush and stuff)
5 added bonus points if you won’t even be leaving the house today, and you still did all that AND put on real clothes today.  Strong work.

2 points = Your dishwasher is empty right now.
5 points = Your dishwasher AND your kitchen sink are empty right now.

2 points = Your kid ate something green today (not including fruit snacks or Fruit Loops).  Multiply by how many kids you have, if more than one of them ate a vegetable.  And then put a sticker on each of them that says “organic.”  Close enough.
2 points = Your own lunch was NOT made up of leftover Cheetos or chicken nuggets from your kids’ plates.
5 points = You cooked dinner.  Like, not in the microwave.

1 point = You washed a load of laundry today.
2 points = You washed and dried a load of laundry today.
3 points = You washed, dried and folded a load of laundry today.
8 points = You washed, dried, folded and PUT AWAY a load of laundry today. (Uh, Superwoman?)
Kadgillion points = You did all that with more than one load of laundry.  Skip to the end.  You win.

Also skip to the end if you:
– Worked out at the gym/went running (and coordinated childcare during that time)
– Read more than 2 pages of a book
– Had a full conversation with an adult
– Ran more than 3 errands without a meltdown or a splurge at Target
– Pinned a project on Pinterest and actually did it, in addition to not neglecting your children

Tally your points.  Feel good about yourself and/or laugh at yourself.  Some days that’s all you can do.

Survivor: 1-4 points
Well done.  Your children are still alive, your house didn’t burn down, and you can do it the same way tomorrow if you have to.

One-Step-Up Mom: 5-15 points
It’s all about being well-rounded and well-balanced right?  Then you’ve got it made.  Kids are fed and you look decent.  Congratulations!

Rockin’-It Mom: 16-30 points
We all wish we could be you.  Way to go.  If I could land here on most days, I’d be in motherhood bliss.  Help me.

You’ve-Gotta-Be-Kidding-Me Supermom: 31-45+ points
We hate you.  Okay, not really.  We’re actually jealous, and want you to come over and teach us a course on how to mom.  Bravo.

And last but not least, the Super-Secret-Most-Successful Mom category:
Infinity points awarded to you if your children are fed, alive, and you gave them a hug, read them a story, fixed a broken Lego spaceship, colored with a crayon with someone under the age of 5, acted interested in a bug they found, or put a bandaid on a boo-boo so small you couldn’t see it with a microscope, and if your children know they are loved, cared for and safe in your home.

If they know that, you are absolutely winning at this mommy gig.  Stand tall, mommies.  Well done.


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