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Favorite Things Friday: Some Just Like it Hot | East Texas Moms Blog

It’s winter.  I am a summer girl.  NOT a winter girl!  The first cold spell, my sister comes decked out in a cute toboggan, scarf, sweater, riding boots, coffee with a seasonal creamer and the biggest grin you have ever seen.  GAH!  I come out as the GRINCH!  She sends me texts with all the exciting emoji’s and all the winter gifs.  I roll my eyes and send her pictures of the beach and fruity drinks with umbrellas.  I honestly don’t think we could be any more different.  


So…what am I loving right now?  What is my Favorite Thing?  


I love to read a good book and soak in a nice long HOT bath.

I love a HOT cup of coffee or hot chocolate or any coffee drink as long as it is HOT.

I love the seat warmers in my van.  They get toasty HOT!

I love the heater in my house, in my classroom and in my car.  I want to be HOT!

I love my house shoes, my blanket, my sweats, my warm comfy pjs.  Anything that will keep me warm. HOT!

I love a good HOT fire.  In the fireplace.  Out camping.  Or in the fire-pit.  

And I love looking at pictures from the summer:)  The water park.  The beach.  The baseball games.  Family vacations.  HOT memories!

Now the temps are getting lower in East Texas, tell me…how are you warming things up?



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