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Sharing the holidays with… your birthday | East Texas Moms Blog

This is going to be the scrooge-iest post you’ll read all Christmas. If you LOVE Christmas and put your tree up in July and have been streaming Burl Ives “Holly Jolly Christmas” on Pandora for weeks… avert your eyes. 

BUT – if you’re one of the “privileged” December babies or heck – even a January or November baby… pull up a chair. You’re in good company.

I’m here to advocate that… it stinks getting all the swag you can handle in a thirty-day-or-less time frame.

Is this a real problem? Meh. But is it OUR problem? YES. Let me set the scene…

It’s March and that Conair you purchased in those first, sweet years of marriage is starting to sound and smell like a trash compactor when you fire her up. You’ve really taken a fancy to the new Babyliss Volare ionic hair dryer in Ferrari red. Like my friend did. *ahem* Anyway this friend we speak of really can’t justify the outright purchase of a two hundred dollar hair dryer. Y’ALL. Two bennies for a hair dryer? Stop it. Moving on.

birthdayIf you were a normal any-other-time-of-the-year birthday celebrator you’d just add it to the wish list and hope your siblings could cobble together enough to really show you their appreciation.

After all, a couple of months is not too terribly long to limp along with your ‘ol Conair, right? BUT. If you’re one of us and it’s March. You’re stuck waiting NINE MONTHS for any new, shiny and unreasonable item. Do you “splurge” and purchase that dream of a hair dryer? OR do you just buy a twenty buck chuck at the local discount box store? Oh, the conundrum.

In our family, 75% of us celebrate a birthday between December 10 and January 10. Y’all that’s a lot of birthday cake in an already crowded holiday season. We decided to instate the…


for the grown-ups. It’s glorious! There isn’t any cake or a big to-do just general merriment and a gift or two and real genuine celebration of the birthday person. 


Is there anyone out there that gets me on this? Do you celebrate the “half birthday”? If not, how do you deal? I truly want to know!



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2 Responses to Sharing the holidays with… your birthday | East Texas Moms Blog

  1. Andrea December 15, 2017 at 10:56 am #

    This is our family too. Cousins on the 6th & 13th, my dad and moms brother on the 18th, grandparents anniversary on the 19th, brother on the 21st, me on the 24th, my husbands uncle on the 25th, aunt on the 28th and my cousin and our youngest child on the 30th.. December is CRAZY and EXPENSIVE!!!! We don’t celebrate half birthdays but my husband is good about grabbing me things when he notices I need them. Or at the very least, spoiling me rotten on Mothers day! I totally feel you on the getting everything at once overload! It’s like we wait all year for Christmas and our birthday and then in 48 hours it is all over and it is a whole year before that excitement builds up again!

    • bethswindell
      bethswindell December 15, 2017 at 2:14 pm #

      Friend. Friend friend friend. You guys are in the same boat! SO glad to know that more of us exist! Here I thought I was out on this lonely birthday island! 🙂

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