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A New Adventure with Tyler Paddle

Tyler PaddleWe have so many beautiful lakes in East Texas and Tyler Paddle is giving us another way to explore them.  There are so many reasons to love this locally owned and operated business here in East Texas.  Some of those include a reasonable cost for such a fun experience, an easy to learn activity, a creative way to get moving regardless of your age and did we mention it’s locally owned an operated.  

A couple of weeks ago a small group of us from East Texas Moms Blog got the opportunity to take an East Texas Summer evening and explore the world of Paddleboarding. Some had tried before, others were first timers.  We spanned an age gamut and included a few tweens to give a good idea of whether or not this could truly be family friendly (spoiler alert…it TOTALLY IS!)  We had such a fabulous and honestly relaxing time on the lake and each of mentioned at some point during the evening that we couldn’t wait to come back and bring our families!  We are always looking for creative ways to hang out as a family and what better way than to do it out in the nature that beautiful East Texas has to offer.  

Each of us had a little something to say about our experience….Tyler Paddle

I don’t do oceans, lakes or any body of water that isn’t the filtered, eight feet deep and sitting in the backyard. So, what was I thinking – PADDLEBOARDING – really and on a lake no less. I was very nervous to say the least. I had never done this before. I had no idea what to expect. But, here I am standing on the Lake Tyler shore about to get on this eleven foot paddleboard appropriately called YOLO, you know the “newest acronym you’ll love to hate.”  I nervously stood and watched as Allie, owner of Tyler Paddle, showed us the do’s and don’ts. We adjusted our paddles and we were ready to experience the open lake. With my paddle in hand, I stepped up and stood on the board, my legs wobbled and my stance, well it wasn’t the sturdiest, but I was on.  Allie waited until I felt comfortable before letting go. I found my balance and away I went. The lake was pretty calm, the first five minutes, I was gaining confidence and getting a feel for the board and the water underneath my feet. Before I knew it, I was half way to the buoy. I managed to sit down, kneel and even stand up again on the board, making it easier every time. What was I even worried about?? Once I got out on the open water all my fears drifted away. It was just me, the board and the view. It was exquisite, I have never experienced anything like it before. After an hour’s time, I was more than happy to paddle to shore. I came out of the water feeling accomplished; I had conquered my fear.  What an amazing experience! I felt invincible – YOLO right!?!
Tanya R.

“It’s 105 degrees outside and not a whiff of a breeze and I know you sweat when
you blink but would you want to go paddle boarding Friday night?” – said no reasonable friend.

However, if ETMB owner Beth was reasonable we wouldn’t have this gem of a resource, so I decided to humor her. After all, all I heard her say was, “do you
want to be near a bunch of people that don’t call you mom but you’re really all alone?” YES. TAKE ME THERE. Are there drinks? Still coming even if not. Now, I had been ocean paddleboarding about 5 years prior and loved it. A lake though? I wasn’t sold… but I showed up, extra change of clothes just in case and decided to jump right in. {not literally} I carefully selected the “cool” looking board- granted they all were cool looking – and grabbed my paddle. I was pleasantly surprised at how stable the board was and how light the paddle felt. Owner, Allie Peet, gave us a couple of super helpful tips and off we went. It really was that easy. Quickly, the lake breeze took my mind of the heat and I decided to lay back and take a nap – it was glorious! Few “adventure experiences” are this labor-and-gear-free (think mountain biking, canoeing, etc etc) and I was soaking up the sun, breeze and peaceful vibes (read::quiet). Oh and those kids I was escaping? I found myself asking if I could bring them back with me next time. Come to find out – I could! My two year old is adventurous and would be thrilled to ride along with me. Allie said most kids 5 and older enjoy solo paddling, so grab up those and kids and haul them out to Tyler Paddle before school starts back. Don’t forget to take a cooler and snacks! Your board will be stable enough for a small cooler and towel. My favorite part of the entire experience (other than the nap) was kicking off my Keens, sliding them under the bungee on the front of the board and slipping my feet in while drifting along. So, on second thought, maybe keep the paddle boarding a secret from the kids and slip away for some you time!

Beth S.

Tyler PaddleHaving this opportunity to explore a new activity in a new location was really just so much fun.  I had met owner Allie Peet at another East Texas event last spring and watched a demonstration she did on the art of Paddleboarding.  I had no idea that I had actually learned a thing or two from a presentation outside of the water.  However, later that summer on a trip to the Bahamas, I put those learned skills to the test and absolutely fell in love with paddleboarding.  So when we were given the chance to give it a try right here in our own backyards, I was THRILLED.  As mentioned before, it was HOT.  But we are Texans, and we know that the remedy to hot is a body of water!  Getting on the board was the most challenging to me.  Once I was on and my paddle was in the water, it was literally -smooth sailing- well until I randomly just fell off.  I honestly believe I was so “in my zone” and so relaxed that I just lost my balance…now that is Tyler Paddlesome serious relaxing right there!  I had the treat of taking my daughter and one of her friends and getting to watch them enjoy themselves was half the fun!  They were of course no strangers to hopping on, moving about and even sharing a board at one point.  Paddleboarding=family friendly=family fun!

Beth B.




Tyler PaddlePaddleboarding was really easy and fun for me.  I’m 12 and loved it!!!  It wasn’t near the workout I was somewhat dreading.  It was really pretty easy to stand up and sit back down and move about the board.  I was really impressed with Allie and the service she provided for us.  She made sure we knew how to get on the board, use the paddle and even gave us some tips to make our experience the best it could be.  One thing I did notice, is that it was more comfortable when I took off my shoes.  It was easier to grip the board and move.  I would love to have another event or even a party with my friends at Tyler Paddle.  I really think that no matter your age, you could really have a great time! 

Keatyn B.

All in all this “new adventure” was a ton of fun!  A couple of things we will be sure to do the next time we go…

  • pack a cooler with drinks…it gets warm even on the lake
  • bring some lawn chairs to sit on the bank
  • make sure we invite our friends and family again to ensure a GOOD TIME!!

Want more info about Tyler Paddle?  Simply check them out on Facebook and at their Website for all the details!!  And next time you are out on the water, be sure to tag us on Social Media so we can enjoy the fun with you!



Though this content is Sponsored, the experience and opinions are 100% our own!

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