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Month Three: When the happy train derailed | East Texas Moms Blog

We seemed to be trucking along nicely, but then the happy train derailed.

Mom so hard.


“Oh. Damn. The chickens’ windows are open, and it’s raining.” The words rolled out of my 4-year-old’s mouth so nonchalantly, it took me a moment to realize what happened.  Mom. Fail.

Friends, that’s how month three has gone as the (now) mother of three.

We seemed to be trucking along nicely; I even thought I’d started to gain control of the chaos. Okay,maybe I hadn’t gained control, but I’d learned to manage without melting down. Breastfeeding was going well, I was rolling with the punches and following my own advice. I began to enjoy it! We went swimming every day and played outside. The girls were learning to ride bikes together. We were having fun!

But then one day, the air conditioners on both of our cars quit working during a particularly hot stretch of the month. My four-year-old broke her arm while trying to master the monkey bars in our backyard. My three-year-old “loved” one of our backyard chickens just a little too much. (RIP chicken.) My girls hit and punched random kids at Chick-fil-a. And then I went back to work.

The happy train derailed.


Broken arms suck.

Lord, help me. This month has humbled me to a new low. But at least we ended the summer with a bang, right?

Motherhood is the hardest, most refining, and most rewarding job I’ve held. Faced with going back to work soon, I spend more time staring at and playing with our new baby. I read more books with my older two. I try to enjoy the time I have in what will likely be the easiest time in my life as the mother of three, at least for a little while.

Full lap; overflowing heart.

If you find yourself in similar chaos, the only comfort I can share is that you are not alone. Just because it seems some moms can master this gig with a fresh face and strong stride doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong if you don’t look or feel fresh or strong. They’re totally faking it anyways.

The best advice I’ve gotten and can give is this:

You do you.

Do what you need to for yourself and for your kids. You’ve got this.  

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