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Mommy’s Makeup Bag | East Texas Moms Blog

by ETMB contributors Katherine Smith and Amanda Kosmer. 

Two caffeinated moms meet for the first time, have a light, breezy conversation about life, postpartum rage, seasonal solo parenting and social anxiety.  We opened up our hearts first and makeup bags second.  

What is your makeup routine like now?

Kat: When I was pregnant with Peanut, I had grand visions of lovingly caressing baby’s cheek while I applied potions to my glowing cheeks each morning.  Then I had my baby, my hair fell out in clumps, I stopped showering regularly and moisturizing, and I certainly had no time for makeup. Fifteen months later, I am starting to emerge back into the world of self-care, blinking and curious. I have perfected a simple 4-minute makeup routine that can be applied without a mirror.  Most of my products are online purchases because I like to live dangerously… just kidding, the thought of taking my child to Ulta fills me with dread. 

Amanda: I love that you mentioned “Ulta Anxiety” at our last coffee meet up. Seriously, it is a real thing! For me, I am super self-conscious and going into Ulta gives me the heebie-jeebies with all the perfectly groomed and precise eyebrows and flawless skinned associates. I mean, they are going to take one look at me and think ‘that woman needs heeeeelp!’ My skin is ‘troubled’ so I rely on a variety of products before I exit the house. I am curious (and totally envious): How can you look so stinkin’ flawless in 4 minutes? (Insert friendly laughing emoji here)

Kat: OK, that is hilarious because I had a Regina George moment when you walked in my house, I thought “Oh, you’re like really pretty!”.  Anyways, here’s my quick and dirty summer makeup routine:


photography is hard – send help!

  1. primer – Milani Prep, Set and Go
  2. under eye concealer – Maybelline Age Rewind
  3. tinted lip balm – Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me
  4. blush – Maybelline Master Contour in Light to Medium
  5. eyeshadow primer – NYX eye crayon in Milk
  6. eyeshadow – Covergirl go for the golds palette
  7. mascara – Loreal Telescopic in Carbon Black
  8. Blow a kiss at the mirror, ya beautiful!


I don’t wear foundation everyday because it just settles into my cavernous pores and I end up looking like a Lichtenstein pop art painting with dots all over my face.

Amanda: You have the most angelic glow, Kat, and it is all YOU! I wish I could get away with just a few products, but with my troubled skin, I have to add a little ‘spackling’ to my canvas. Here is my current summer “go get ’em girl” products:

  1. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream No. 27 
  2. MakeSense Foundation in Dewy
  3. e.l.f. Color Correcting Stick (orange) for undereye correction
  4. bareMinerals Barepro concealer (undereye and boo-boo’s)
  5. Jane Iredale GreatShape Contour Kit in Cool (contour and blush)
  6. Maybelline FIT me loose finishing powder in medium
  7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  8. Urban Decay Eye Palette Naked3
  9. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof eyeliner in rich brown
  10. Benefit They’re Real Mascara in Black 

What are some Amazon product recommendations?

Kat: Loreal Telecopic Carbon Black mascara.  This mascara will give you that length and separation.  My lashes tend to clump together like weird goth kids in the cafeteria if I use volumizing mascara.

Also, Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me.  Remember when Lip Smackers was a thing?  And you HAD to have the Dr. Pepper flavor in middle school because Jeremy might be at the roller rink and your ridiculously small Christian school was having a pizza party there and it was your only chance to hold hands –  too specific?  Anyways, this lip balm is the perfect cherry smell that will take you back to sweaty palms at the roller rink. 

Amanda: Let me just say that I alone am paying my UPS delivery gal’s salary … just kidding. But Amazon Prime knocks at my door as regularly as the pizza man. I have never been much for BB cream because of my oily skin but I have found a one-step-all-in-one product that makes me happy. MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream is my moisturizer, primer, UV blocking, anti-wrinkle, and light coverage magic potion in a red tube. No, it does not cover my blemishes and endless tanning skin spots from my youth, BUT, I feel good about being kind to my skin. I can wear this for a quick trip to the grocery store or I have found that I like to layer it with a long lasting foundation for fuller coverage. 

Of course, I have to set any foundation with powder, especially when using BB cream to tame the oil slick beast! I am currently pleasantly pleased with Maybelline FIT Me loose finishing powder in number 25 Medium. So I just use a big, fluffy brush and dip it into the powder and dab the product all over my face. I have found that dabbing instead of fluffing maximizes my pores and helps the powder set my foundation. 

Kat: OK, I’m buying the MISSHA BB cream right now!  Because you look 17 and I’m not sure whether to help you with your Biology homework or get you to babysit.

Amanda: Giggle, giggle, snort, snort! You are too kind my friend, but I will take you up on the babysitting!

Anything you can’t get online?

Kat: I only buy setting spray at Ulta. There is a risk that more spendy products are an Amazon scam – Scamazon!!  So for setting spray I recommend Urban Decay All Nighter, which is available at Ulta for $32.  The reason I choose this spray is simple – Disney Princesses use it.  I would throw in a link here, but I am House Ravenclaw and am full of mistrust that the product online won’t be what you get in the store.

if Amanda were a fabric she would be velvet!

Amanda: Ummm, Kat, I think we have been scammed by those royal- prince- seeking- Disney princesses! I read that they use Ben Nye Final Seal setting spray! I suppose Princesses are not known to be completely honest about their beauty routine. Sigh. But, low and behold, they suckered me into purchasing the Ben Nye setting spray. I think I like it!

Anyways, away from Amazon Prime, I splurge on Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. I am constantly using eye drops so I need waterproof mascara. Here’s the deal though, waterproof mascara is just that: waterproof, and very harsh on delicate lashes. They’re Real mascara is not labeled as waterproof but it is the only non- waterproof mascara I have found that actually stays on …  through swimming, eye drops, and moments when I give in and watch The Notebook even though I know I will ball like a baby! Come on, Allie, you remember Noah!


Kat: It’s very on-brand for these princesses to mislead us in such a dastardly fashion. Let’s be real. Ariel was illiterate, Cinderella was a flake and don’t get me started on Belle’s toxic “I can change him” mentality.   Bottom line, do not trust the princesses or anyone else for that matter when it comes to your skin – do what works for you – and then share it with us.

Ladies of East Texas and beyond, what’s in your makeup bag?

Be on the look out for our Facebook LIVE Mom Panel where we discuss more goodies in our makeup bags. 

Lovingly written by Amanda Kosmer and Kat Smith

Next up – Skincare!

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