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Momcation: A Beginners Guide | East Texas Moms Blog


Bachelorette parties in Vegas. Couples showers. Gender reveal parties. The babymoon. Go ahead and add MOMCATION to the list of things our mothers didn’t have to aspire to… err, enjoy.

Folks, this. This was something I was slow to get on board with. I’ll just out myself right now and tell you that my oldest kid did not spend a night away from me until she was two years old. The comical thing is – I was the girl who was all, “ohhh… this kid is joining our family, we’re not joining hers. Life will proceed as usual…” And all the mommas laughed and raised their glasses while exchanging side eye glances that very clearly said, “I told you so…

So, fast forward to two kids under two. It had been a wild year. Don’t believe me? Read this.

My wise friend, who is just a few blocks ahead of me (she has a 4 and 2 year old) prescribed a momcation for me. Claimed it would transform me in ways unknown and wouldn’t require giving up carbs. What is a momcation, you say? Well let me educate you {as I too, am new to the mom verbiage}. 



As the momcation approached I went from, “WHERE DO I SHOW UP?” to…. “I mean, uhm… will they survive/remember me?” So, if you find yourself thinking those thoughts or you’re up to venture out on your first #momcation – read up!

Less Is More

You’ll be tempted to pack your sewing machine/Silhouette/Cricut/2017 taxes./Kindle/iPad… Who me? Yes you. I did. By all means – do take activities. However, if you’re are a typical mom – you’ll tend to want to do all.the.things. Organize  photos on your computer, start or finish a little (!!) project… but if you can keep from it – avoid setting expectations that aren’t realistic or you’ll leave that momcation tired and defeated. Which is totally not the point.

To Thine Ownself Be True

Maybe you’ve been itching to get back in the yoga studio. I was. Or you love the outdoors. Art museums. Or vegan restaurants. Or alone time or books or … the list is an infinite as the perils of motherhood. Whatever brings you joy – do it! My first momcation involved a small cabin overlooking a river, a stack of DVDs and snacks. I was in desperate need of sleep and stillness. My most recent momcation? A hipster downtown hotel and 3 yoga classes in 36 hours.

As you and your motherhood journey evolve, so will your momcation.

Maybe you’re a girl who loves a crowd and wants a possé of moms along for the ride. Maybe you’re a three-is-a-crowd type. Either way – don’t feel the pressure to make your momcation more {or less!} of a production than it should be. 

Think Good Thoughts 

The kids will survive. Their caretaker will survive. Take time to really reflect on the good that exists in your life. Maybe even … the good things that are to come. The kids will sleep through the night. Your career will benefit from the skills you’ve developed as a mother. Maybe there is a side project that you’ve been rolling around in your brain. Take the time to flesh that out on paper and come up with a plan. Read up on recipes you want to try. Dream about the future.

On my most recent momcation, I was headed to meet up with my fellow momcation-er (and Houston Moms Blog reader), Amanda – but had a work meeting before I could officially clock out and really get into vacay mode. I felt the need to explain my mid-week giddiness to my boss – who, is a mom herself. She gave me some great – and mind shattering advice:


She told me that it is actually more difficult when the kids are older to leave for a couple of nights. The activities and homework and general supervising is harder to outsource. With little kids, like I have, the caregiving is physically exhausting but typically involves a healthy dose of naps and snacks and diaper changes. She encouraged me to maintain the momcation as a sort of -gird-your-loins type thing – in preparation for what is to come. 

So, if you weren’t sold on the #momcation trend already – you should be! It’s purpose is twofold: rest and recuperation for the now and… the future! *wink*


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