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Mom on a Mission: Protecting the Mom Margin | East Texas Moms Blog

As I think through my daily routine, I like to describe myself as being the mom on a mission.

From sun up to sun down, there are things that need to be done and I am the woman called to duty. When gearing up for the mission at hand for a particular day I find myself preparing accordingly.

If I feel an ache or pain, I have Advil on deck.

If I have work to do, the mobile office is always stocked and accessible at any given moment.

If we have a late night, dinner is in the trunk or coupons to BK are in the glove compartment.  This mom is always locked and loaded with snacks and Band-Aid’s.


Beware of error.

Error on the mission field could be homework left at school, soccer cleats at home when pulling up to the practice field, a sick baby, a missing shoe, or a broken clarinet reed before tryouts. All of these are just a few barriers that send the troupes on a detour.

However, this mom will get this mission accomplished.

Further, while on mission the “MOM Margin” is a tight and necessary space for fuel.

The “ MOM Margin” is the space where moms sleep, eat, read, hangout, date their husband and even sit themselves in timeout. This margin is a space that should never be crossed, yet is the most invaded territory on the field.

If the “ MOM Margin” is not protected, it is lost forever and EVERYONE in SIGHT is in DANGER! Stand guard.

Logically, moms on a mission seem to be humanly impossible. How can a woman with such a gentle character and the physically weakest link compared to her counterpart conquer such a broad mission field?

Fact: every morning she wakes up with the humbled spirit of gratitude, acknowledging the fact that she ‘GETS’ the opportunity to be the first line of defense for her tribe.

When she lays down at night she ‘GETS’ to celebrate the great day of a mission accomplished because she GETS the mission.

I am that mom on a mission. How about You?


Fight on Moms!

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa April 3, 2018 at 7:21 am #

    Love it, Lakenya!

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