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McDonald's Lunch BunchWe are thrilled to be teaming up with local McDonald’s restaurants in East Texas to bring you Lunch Bunch events throughout the year. Our very first event happened on April 25th at Kevin & Jeaneane Lilly’s McDonald’s at 2034 E SE Loop 323 in Tyler. 




McDonald's Lunch BunchEach of our Lunch Bunch events will have a very specific theme to them. The very first Lunch Bunch was geared towards learning about healthier choices that can be made at McDonald’s and also hearing from Registered Dietician, Mary-Lauren Shelton. She talked with us about the best and easiest ways to make good healthy choices most of the time. You can read more about that here!

We also had the opportunity to spend time visiting with the local owners asking them questions about the menu, the play area, local events, etc. Having the opportunity to see the local owners in person really helped to drive home a more local feel to McDonald’s. 

Each guest was given a FREE Happy Meal with the purchase of a Value Meal or one of the Premium Salads. Also, guests left with McDonald’s Swag and 2 lucky moms left with a Full Giveaway Basket!

McDonald's Lunch Bunch


We are looking forward to having our next event in June! Our upcoming event will be focused on McDonald’s Experience of the Future kiosk ordering service and the Fresh Beef Quarter Pounders.





Stay tuned to our Facebook Event Page for ALL THE DETAILS!

McDonald's Lunch Bunch


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