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Make Something Beautiful

As a young woman in high school and college, I worked at a bakery, an event planning company, and a few interior design showrooms. 

I’ve also worked as a photographer, blogger, and even a cake decorator for a few months. 

The point is…  I’m a creator.

I’ve always been the sort of person who sees things, not as they are, but as they could be, perhaps with a bit of magic (as the new Cinderella movie puts it). 

I’m a visionary, a maker, a dreamer, a doer.

Perhaps that’s why this past spring at my daughters’ dance recital rehearsal, I was profoundly moved by the performance and song that one of the other classes did. 

You probably know the song already; I’m so behind on current music. 

Please let me make something beautiful,
a thing that reminds us there’s good in the world,
a thing that reminds us there’s still something out there worth fighting for.  
—Ben Rector, Make Something Beautiful

I dream of making beautiful things. 

I long to make a difference in the world. 

I want to use whatever creative talents God has given me to do something, be something, share something, say something, make something… 

But what? 

something beautiful

a thing that reminds us there’s good in the world,

a thing that reminds us there’s still something out there worth fighting for. 

When I hear those words, images come to my mind as vividly as if it were playing out on a screen in front of me. 


Hair flying as a swing lifts toward the sun

Plump, soft, beautifully pink, tiny lips.

Little teeth that look like tiny white pieces of Chiclets gum. 

Story time giggles

Saturday morning pancake breakfasts

Hilarious living room dance parties

Precious, fine, fluffy hair that smells like angel breath

Please let me make something beautiful.

A thing that reminds us there’s good in this world.

It occurs to me that I’ve reached my peak. 

There is nothing else I can create that compares with the miracles I’ve already created.

I am the co-creator of miracles: babies, children, family, the foundational stories of the lives of incredible human beings… life’s very beginnings.

What talent have I to be gifted with this opportunity?  This is beyond my measure. 

I don’t deserve the honor of participating in projects this powerful.

Yet here I am.


I am filled with gratitude so deep I cannot fully feel it all.   

No, there is no other project, no other creative endeavor that I can take on that will measure up to this.

I guess I can handle that. 


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