Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Letters to Mom

mother's dayDear Mom,

I love you because you kiss me goodnight. You care for me and when I fall, you make me feel better. You take me to get my nails done.  You teach me new things and you play outside with me.  You do ItWorks and East Texas Moms Blog and you still care for me a lot!  You love God and you buy me donuts.  I love you Mom.

Love, Addilyn (age 9)




mother's dayFrom Keatyn (age 12)

My mom can do many things, but I love when she cooks a good meal.  When I forget my lunch at school, she brings it to me.  I want to always remember the times that she is there for me when I mess up.  I know I forget to thank my mom and I know I need her.  Sometimes I have to realize that I need my mom in my life even when I think I don’t.  She has taught me to be me.  She can be a super mom and I love her.


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