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Give Me A Schedule, A Routine and A Plan

This summer has been a busy time, but the busy is different. It’s summer busy. As a teacher it is a time when you get to choose when you do most things, but you know that they have to be done by a certain time. In the midst of doing those things that need to be done you are responsible for making sure that your kids are entertained with developmentally appropriate activities and that they are having a fun summer. I have worried about screen time, bedtimes (or lack there of), eating habits, what I am or am not doing in my classroom, not cooking dinner enough and so many more things that I should or shouldn’t be doing. As a mom I find myself constantly worried that what I do or don’t do is going to mess up my child…Does anyone else feel this way?


Mom Guilt: Less Limits, More Problems

Now that back to school is upon us, I am starting to feel bad that I am longing for a routine and schedules. Then I start to feel bad for wanting school to start back. The mom guilt is a little overwhelming at times. I know that once we get back in the swing of things that I will miss the lazy mornings of cooking eggs and eating picnic style in the living room. I love this time with my daughter and I do treasure it more than most anything. She is amazing and sweet and oh so smart, but I notice that the lack of schedule and structure is getting to her. She has a little more sass in her step and a little less sweet in her voice. We still have rules in the summer, but the can and can’t dos are a little more lax.

The Plan: No Worries, No Problem

So, with all of the worry and guilty feelings I decided that I must devise a plan to make this sometimes stressful time enjoyable for my little family. Laying the ground work before the routine is a must.  It doesn’t have to be ridged or complex, actually the more simple the routine the easier the transition will be for us.  The back-to-School Prep Work begins!

  • I am going to first and foremost reestablish a routine. Normal bedtime, waking up early and getting our day started.
  • Next, we are going to stay busy with back-to-school prep.  Getting things together, shopping for what we still need and talking and planning for what we are going to do. We will be busy, rested and happy!
  • Finally, we are going to celebrate! Celebrate our summer, our family and the upcoming school year.

As everything is starting back I want to be excited and as worry free as a mom can be! I am remembering why I love schedules, routines and planning. It makes my world spin smoothly and we all know that if “Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t nobody happy.”

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