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Favorite Things Friday: Mikey and Mommy Fridays | East Texas Moms Blog

In this season, where the brevity of life is even more apparent and the seconds must be maneuvered one by one, my favorite thing this Friday is not something tangible but instead the days I have a date with my favorite little guy. We call them Mikey and Mommy Fridays.


When I first started writing for the East Texas Mom’s Blog, I was a whammy (a phrase I embraced as a work from home mommy). I spent most every moment joyously fatigued as I worked non-stop to take care of Mikey, my husband Mike, our home, and to dive heart-first into my writing. Every day was whatever we wanted it to be and there was rarely a rush. I could look as disheveled as I wanted to and had little worry if Mikey had a restless night because there was no necessary early rising.  It was absolutely perfect except for there was a part of me that struggled with the need to have something that was mine that I could put my energy into that didn’t require me to be covered in spit-up, golden sprays, or stinky smears.  I felt selfish, but I knew I needed to make a shift because I was becoming very bitter. Every time Husband Mike left a sock, a shirt, a tie, or cereal bowl in the oddest place I would mumble about not being the housemaid and we argued… often. 


Months later and well into job number two post-whammy, there are few things that I cherish more than the sacred days I have with my son. After a week’s worth of running all around East Texas, serving the community empowering adults and youth in their mentoring matches, all I want to do is put it all to the side and be a full-time undisturbed mommy. 


It has been difficult keeping these times sacred as there is always another one-time event that is scheduled on a Friday. But, as I watch Mikey grow out of his clothes like weeds, learn songs, and express more and more of his personality nothing is more important than being apart of the moments

mommyrather than hearing about them secondhand. For this reason, I am learning more and more to hold firm to my “no” to others and “yes” to him. I honestly sometimes feel bad but those feelings soon dissipate when his beautiful brown eyes open and realize that mommy is right there.

Many Fridays, we go his favorite place the World of Wonders, a park, binge watch PJ Masks, stroll the toy aisles, or doing nothing at all. We eat his favorite snacks with or without pants and sing itsy bitsy spider over and over and over. Hearing his voice exclaim yay or kissing his forehead when he falls asleep in my arms solidifies the special place that  Mommy Mikey Friday has in my heart and keeps it even more off-limits to the rest of the world. 


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