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Favorite Things: Discovery Science Place

I am very blessed in many ways, but I have to say I feel beyond blessed to be able to call myself a teacher. I teach high school art and boy do we have fun! There are so many awesome perks to my job. I get to teach something I love and care about, I get to know my students on a personal level, I provide a creative outlet for the students who really need it and I leave everyday feeling fulfilled (and maybe a bit frazzled some days). Another great perk about my job is that I get the summers off with my sweet boy! He is 18 months old, so I made plenty of plans for the summer to keep him moving and learning every day. One of my favorite things was the Discovery Science Place. We would spend hours in there playing!

I was worried about it being for older kids and wasn’t sure if my toddler would get anything out of it. I was afraid he would get trampled by big kids or the exhibits would be to complicated for him. But I thought we would go ahead and try it out one day at the beginning of this summer. I figured it couldn’t hurt to go see.

My son wearing his “leash” sitting in his favorite chair in the whole museum.

Side note: you will see my son wearing a “leash”. I feel more comfortable when in public places alone without my husband when he wears the “leash” because he tends to take off running. The Science Discovery Place is a very safe environment, I felt even safer making sure I had him in my site the whole time. 

When we got there, we both quickly fell in love with the place! We started off climbing up a huge indoor cave that took us to the top of a mountain! Along the way we got to experience what an earthquake felt like and saw how a volcano worked. At the end of the cave, we came out onto the deck of a sail boat! We got to see ocean life and even steer the ship! From there we climbed back down and ended up in a small cave full of stalactites and stalagmites. We followed some foot steps into a “dino” pit full of bones to dig up! After that, we got to watch how gears work and even rearrange the gears on the walls to create our own working set. We played with a giant light bright and played in a soft padded area just for kids our size!


Next we went into the another room and we were able to dress up as a doctor, a mailman, a firefighter and a few more characters. We also got to go grocery shopping with a cart just our size! We watched a model train, sat in a cafe and visited imagination-land. After that room, we went down the ancient Egyptian hallway into the NASA space center! There we got to dress as an astronaut and push a bunch of space buttons! It was such a fun trip for me and my son!

Once we were finished and ready for the nap I was sure to ask about membership options. Turns out the money I paid that day would be put towards my membership cost for a family of 4 for the whole year! 


While it was perfect for my toddler, I will say there were much older kids there just as entertained as we were! There are so many levels to the exhibits that each time you go back you can learn something new. Your 2 year old and 10 year old could both go and have fun at the same time. Also, it was not super crowded, I never was worried about him getting knocked down by kids playing too rough. There were several areas we weren’t able to get to due to time. There were things like a rock climbing wall and a news room where you can pretend to be on TV! This place was such an awesome find for us. I look forward to my free Saturdays so we can go back and explore some more. This will be a resource for us for many years to come.


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