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Favorite Things Friday: Music | East Texas Moms Blog


Research shows that people are the happiest and most carefree when listening to music from their high school years. I’m pretty sure people are happiest and most carefree when listening to music …no matter the song.

The Spice Girls were blaring on the radio when we were heading to Shreveport and Corey tried to throw his nacho bell grande out the sunroof…Twice. Only to realize upon the third attempt that the sunroof wasn’t open. (We turned down “Wanna Be” after the second attempt to ask him what he was doing.) That was in 1996.

We had an impromptu Sonic serenade with the Fugees’ song “Killing Me Softly with His Song” and realized that the open windows amplified the car-concert once the car next to us started applauding. That was in 1997.

When we needed a break from work at my first job, we implemented “music minute” so that my co-workers and I could release a little stress. (Note: 4 Non-Blondes make any music minute better….”What’s UP?“) That was in the early 2000’s, but I have loved that song for decades. 

Music brings me so much joy.

Music can move me to tears and three minutes later it makes me want to move my booty. There is a song for every emotion and every feeling. Belting out a good T-Swift song can bring a smile to any teenagers face. Especially when there are super cool dance moves added in.

I have been singing and dancing since I could walk and talk. All of our home movies include some rendition of whatever song was playing on the radio at the time. Everyone in my family shares this love for music. We listen to music when we get ready for the day. (My daughter just walked by singing!) We listen to music on the way to school and when we are playing outside before dinner. My husband has speakers mounted everywhere and there’s always a good mix of Wyclef to Reckless Kelly to MIA to Taylor Swift to Ray Wylie Hubbard playing.

For my 40th birthday, I gave myself guitar lessons. I started six months before my birthday with the goal of playing “What’s Up?” by my birthday. (I crushed that goal!) I feel like a rock star when I sit and play. Almost every day I find time to play my guitar. Some days my kids even join me, but most of the time I sit alone and play songs from church, songs from high school and songs from college. I am happiest when I’m sitting with my guitar. 

Our family is in a season where music fills in the empty spaces.

When I feel a little lost or bankrupt spiritually, nothing fills me like all of Kim Walker-Smith’s songs.  Sometimes I feel nostalgic so I dig deep and sing a few Out of the Grey songs. Their 90’s music fills my head with joy because I remember singing them happily and singing them in misery. The friends and boys may have come and gone, but the words of a good song stay with me.

Impromptu rap battles will salvage my teenager’s bad afternoon. If necessary, I’m prepared to pair my incredible rapping skills with a little break dancing. Even if he is laughing at me, I’ll take the smiles. I will warn you that pre-teens can take over a Pandora channel so be ready to share!

Even working out feels less painful when I have a good playlist. In high school, we would blare Metallica while we were in the weight room. In college, I would walk the campus to the Cranberries. Currently, Pink provides all the motivation I need to get moving! If I can’t make myself step up on the elliptical, at least I can get my feet moving to the beat.

Music is my favorite thing because of the memories tied to a song and the memories I’m making with my guitar and my family. If you want to come over and play, let me know. We could start a mom-band!

What songs from your past stir you and bring a smile to your face?


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