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Fathers Day Gift Guide | East Texas Moms Blog

First, let me just tell you that June is a lot like December at our house. It’s the perfect storm of immediate family birthdays + holidays + pressures of life {end of school in this case}. No sooner have I recovered financially, emotionally and physically from end of school parties and the minefield that is Mother’s Day and it’s time for my mom’s birthday, my husband’s birthday, Father’s Day, my daughter’s birthday and our anniversary (10 years!). WOWZA. Pour me something stronger than chardonnay, will ya? It’s not even July and we’re thinking that every family member needs a summer job. Yes, even the baby. 

So, I called in reinforcements (my sister-in-law is hands down the best gift giver I know – hi Audra!) and put together a few things that a fella would appreciate. 

fathers day gift guide

Strike King Polarized Sunglasses$26

My baby daddy can be found in a crowd by looking for the guy with the sunglasses on his head. Just ask our friends. He also spends a lot of time in the cockpit of an airplane and captaining a boat. Decent sunglasses are a nonnegotiable in his life, however… after donating two pair of pricey sunny g’s to the lake… he went in search of a replacement pair that wouldn’t give him heartburn if they were lost. These Strike Kings Polarized frames checked all the boxes and that’s impressive given my fella’s discriminating eye.


QALO silicone ring$25

These things are hot. hot. hot. right now. Men love them. Women love them. No, you do not have to be a slave to Crossfit to wear one. You can find them at the grocery store for cryin’ out loud. So many color and pattern options. Also, kind of a nice way to let that guy know you like being his lady.


Stanley 300 AMP Jump Starter$49

ok, if I’m honest – I really want one of these. Correction, our household was gifted one but it technically belongs to my husband. However, I use it ALL. THE. TIME.  Bike tire low? Air it up with this. Jogging stroller tire flat? Air it up with this. Charge your phone? This. Jump off your or another motorists car? This. And never have to do the weird stringing-of-jumper-cables dance. It has an onboard DC charger (think old school cell charger that you plugged into a cigarette lighter) and a light for when you are inevitably trying to wrestle that little valve stem into submission at 5AM… somewhere in Alabama… in hopes of limping to the gas station for some fix-a-flat… while everyone in your car is blissfully sleeping as you caravan to the beach. I mean, you know… if that kind of stuff happens to you. Folks, it’s the new Swiss Army knife. I’ll confess I thought it was a bit extra when we received it… but now I keep it in the cargo area of my car. 


Brookstone Bed Fan$109

Nothing says, “Happy Father’s Day” quite like a good solid argument over the fact that, yes it is summer in Texas and yes, you still want enough blankets on the bed to make an Eskimo sweat. Folks, let me introduce you to the best thing to save a marriage since the electric blanket. The Bed Fan. This handy contraption blows a variable stream of cool air (controlled by you) between your bed sheets. It is simply fabulous. 


Latitude Longitude keychain$19

My husband spent summers at his family’s cabin in Northwestern Pennsylvania. It holds a special place in his heart and now mine too, as it’s where I met his entire extended family one cold January shortly after we were engaged. It’s referenced as “the cabin” and while the accommodations are more than adequate… it’s lacking internet access, TV and cell service. You truly are in the middle of nowhere. So, it seemed appropriate to gift him with a subtle way of carrying the cabin with that captured the wanderlust of that special place. A lat-long keychain was just that!


Keep in mind that you can’t ever go wrong with a big hug and a heartfelt word of appreciation! 


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