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Childhood Memories: Easter

With Easter fast approaching and the flowers in full bloom around East Texas, I can’t help but flashback to my own childhood.  Because I was raised in a Christian home, I’ve always know the reason we celebrate Easter.  However, as a kid it was hard not to get super duper excited about trails of jelly beans in the hallway, baskets of yummy goodies, dying eggs and of course, the hunt.  I vividly remember going shopping, usually as a whole family of 4, for our Easter attire.  But for us this only meant shoes, tights and maybe a cute purse because my mom ALWAYS made our dresses.  I’d love to show you all the beautiful dresses that my mom has made for us over the years.  Honestly, that is really a post all it’s own.  And sadly, I didn’t carry on that gene for creativity with fabric!  

Back to the topic at hand…

Easter Circa the 80’s

I have always loved Easter with it’s bright, clean colors, flowers and let’s be honest, the candy around this time of year…hello, I’m gonna hide out and eat all the jellybeans!  Some of my fondest memories lie in the moments with my extended family.  We would get together on Easter Sunday for a meal and an egg hunt at my Great Grandmother’s house.  We would be packed in her little two bedroom house like sardines and no one really seemed to notice…or maybe they did and that’s why we all ended up hanging out in the little front yard.  I also remember making our way to my dad’s side of the family for yet another meal and a HUGE egg hunt with all my cousins.  The biggest care in our world in that moment was definitely who would find the prize egg.   I always loved seeing the smiles on my parents and grandparents’ faces as we raced around the yard searching for eggs.  Even as an adult with my own kids, the egg hunt is still so much fun to me.  I secretly wish that we could do an adult egg hunt where the kids go out and hide the eggs and we take off running to find the most.  Think I could talk them into it?


Easter 2012


Now, as an adult, I have a better understanding of what all of the above really meant.  Holidays for me were and still are a family affair, usually gathered around a table.  Most of my grandparents have passed on from this Earth, but my parents are still great about carrying on the traditions of egg hunts, easter baskets and my mom, she’s still making Easter dresses for my girls…and sometimes still for me!! 




What memories do you have of spring time and Easter?  Tell us in the comments!

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