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Celebrate YOU Momma!!!

cupcakeSo April is my birthday month.  Yes I said it…MONTH!  To get in all of the celebrating I like, I must use up most of the month:)  I enjoy celebrating with: my husband, my girlfriends, couples, my little family, my big family, my husband’s family.  That’s 6 celebrations folks!  So here’s what I do…

I celebrate with my husband

We get a babysitter/grandparents for the kiddos and go out on the town for a nice dinner just the 2 of us.  It’s always nice to have a good date night and even better to be the reason to celebrate.

I celebrate with my girlfriends

This is so fun.  Sometimes I go for a pedicure, sometimes dinner and a movie or appetizers and drinks. One time I had all of my girlfriends over for a slumber party.  We had so much fun!  PJs and junk food.

I celebrate with couple friends

My husband’s birthday is 2 days after mine.  Every year we go out and celebrate with our couple friends. I don’t mind sharing this celebration with him, but he is so kind to let me have the spotlight;)  We usually go to dinner, but we have also gone dancing, had a crawfish boil and a backyard cookout.

I celebrate with my little family

My little family was a family of 3, however this year, through foster care, we will be a family of 6.  Still, we will celebrate as a little/big family.  Sometimes this is dinner out or mom’s night off in the kitchen at home.  Or order pizza and dessert and watch a family movie.

I celebrate with my big family

This includes my family and my sister’s family and my parents.  We either go to dinner or my mom cooks.  She will cook anything you want!  As a child, she made me turkey and dressing because I was sad we only got it at Thanksgiving.  She’s the best!

I celebrate with my husband’s family

Because I choose dinner with my family and because my husband’s birthday is 2 days after mine and this is his family, I let him choose this one.  It’s usually always Texas Road House BUT I choose dessert:)

Just FYI:  there is a different dessert at every celebration.  Call off the diet.  YUM!!!

So…I blame (or give credit) to all this birthday madness on my mom;)  Birthdays are a big deal in our family!  On my actual birthday my mom brings me homemade cinnamon rolls.  Always.  Every year. From the time I can remember.  It doesn’t matter where I live.  That is usually followed by a mother/daughter/sister day. Pedicures, lunch and shopping.  All of the other celebrations are sprinkled around this VERY special day!  I don’t need gifts (although that’s nice) I need time:)

Momma, I encourage you to celebrate you!  If you don’t, who will.  You’ve made it another year in life. Look back and celebrate that year and all those accomplishments.  Take this time to reflect and set goals for the next year in your life.  Birthdays are a gift from God!  Enjoy!

OH…and for goodness sake, buy yourself something new to wear on your special day!


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