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Breaking Up {With Deodorant} is Hard to Do | East Texas Moms Blog

Friends. I am no stranger to the break-up.

I’d like to think that I perfected the practice in my mid-twenties. However, I realized a few years ago that I was an amateur! I had limited myself to break-ups of the relational sort when there was a whole new world out there that needed a heartbreak. Diet drinks! Guilt! and… DEODORANT.

I set out to give deodorant the old “Bye Felicia!” two summers ago. Probably not the smartest thing I’ve ever done as a Texan. But the way I saw it – it was now or never. Typical of bad relationships, right? 

I had done a little research, but true to my nature – I was winging it. Ok – honestly? I ran out of my usual deodorant and didn’t care enough to replace it. Now that I am officially on the other side – I thought it might be useful to pass along a few tips, tricks and warnings. 

First – take a shower and then throw out your deodorant & anti-persperant. I’ll wait…


Here’s what you’ll need in your break-up kit:


Next – mentally prepare for the fact that… it gets worse before it gets better.  This goes for a lot of lifestyle changes – and this one is no exception. It’s almost as if your body has to detox. You will feel like you have the body odor of a teenage boy. And you might. You will want to shower twice a day. 

Also…you don’t smell *as bad* as you think you do. What you have to realize is that no one else is 5 inches from your armpit (unless you’re a nursing mom and I can puh-romise that kid In fact, your smell is actually helpful – but we’ll save that chat for another day).

Water is your friend. Drink up! Remember what I said about detoxifying? Sweat is actually useful at getting things out of our body that don’t need to be there for one reason or another.

Three things I found to be very helpful were baking soda, apple cider vinegar and a dry brushing. 

For at least a week, I resisted every urge to do something about the smell/sweat/ickiness. However, there will come a time when hormones, stress, your toddler or the idea of wearing a bridesmaid dress sends you to a place of self preservation. 

Dry brushing before a shower can help in the detox process. It also just feels good – so even if it’s a placebo – it’s still helpful.

I also found out that if I dampened a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar and wiped my armpits with it 2 or 3 times a week after a shower – it felt as if I was killing the bacteria that produced the stink that come with the daily grind. *note – not for the faint of heart if you’ve just shaved your armpits!

Baking soda also helped with the dampness. I simply took a teaspoon of baking soda, rubbed it under each armpit after a shower and then went about my day. Wearing loose-fitting cotton also helped. 

There was a time when I was a frequent rider on the roller coaster of hormones (two pregnancies and nursing in an 18-month span) when I would lean on a store-bought product for confidence and comfort. Native Deodorant was my go-to for weddings, meetings and events involving general merriment. I’d highly recommend that as your gateway to going hardcore – ha! 

Say N.O. to B.O!


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