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The Most Boring Summer EVER

I don’t know about you, but when my children whine that they are “bored” to me….it makes my blood boil AND forces me to face the ultimate fear…I am a terrible mother! I have failed them. They have become the dreaded “entertain me” generation that I have vehemently avoided.

It snuck up on me. Manifesting itself after so many “can I see your phone” questions beat me into submission. 

They were so cute when they were little. We would play cars and barbies in the floor and enjoy time together. I thought, at the time, that we would forever have this type of relationship. It was troubling to me to watch mothers with older children and how their interaction was different… more removed. I did not want to be like that. I wanted to be engaged and always eager to hear and play. 

Now that the “shiny” has worn off and we have lost that “new baby” smell, I don’t feel as drawn to time in the floor with them. I have played with them for years but now, they can play and I don’t have to worry about them sticking a key in the electrical socket. I can practice being hands-off and even read a book. 

So when my spawn express boredom to me, I want to scream. I have told them over and over that I don’t want to hear it. Play outside. Play in your room. Be creative. Read a book. Go swimming, bike riding, hiking, exploring…take a nap. 

I am not your summer cruise director. 

This exhaustion is exactly the reason I am declaring it the most BORING summer ever. My goal is to take everything away from them so that they can remember how to be creative and inventive. (Or at the very worst, get caught up on the naps they have stopped taking for the last decade.)

Each summer morning, I leave a note of chores and hide the remotes/electronic devices when I leave for work. They spend the morning doing chores, reading, and being creative. (Probably fighting too). Then they call me and I give them a riddle to solve in order to have access to the hidden devices and remotes. 

A riddle a day is exhausting.  

No more hiding this summer. I’m putting them away. ALL DAY. I want them to listen to music and paint. Play legos and dolls. Read a book or two. TAKE A NAP.

Chores will still be done. Of course we will watch TV and play on electronic devices (especially during vacation miles logged in the car) but I hope to break the “bored” remark down once and for all. I want them to have the summer childhood I remember. Watching Anne of Green Gables and swimming until we had blisters on our feet. 

I think forced boredom is just the key to having the perfect FUN, imaginative, laid back and creative summer. 

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