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I Actually Kept My New Years Resolution

resolutionSo last year one of my friends posted on Facebook that they read one book a week for the year.  That’s 52 books in one year.  So I made it my resolution and goal.  AND I DID IT!!!

As of November 10, I have read my 52 books for the year. I know this is a silly and meaningless New Years resolution, but still it is one that I kept and it is an accomplishment. One year my mom made it her New Years resolution to always return the grocery cart no matter the weather.  She kept that resolution and continues to do it to this day.

I think it’s just a matter of setting a goal and keeping with it. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering. And after keeping a New Years resolution, it is easier to do it the next year, and the next and the years to come.  So I am starting to think about what my New Years resolution is going to be this year…




Health (diet/exercise)

Just for Me

For my Family

So many things to think about. I do love setting goals. Making a plan. Checking off the list. Chipping away at the goal as the year goes by.  

This is literally me brainstorming…I LOVE sports. I’m the mom in a family of boys. I love my family and I love experiences. So I am wanting this years News Years resolution to be about attending major league sporting events with my family. I would like to go to a Dallas Cowboys game, Dallas Stars game, FC Dallas game,  Mavericks game, Rangers game, and maybe even NASCAR:)  I don’t know!  But the thought of attending these events with my family sounds like so much fun!!! I am ready to print off their schedules and make a plan. Any other professional sports we need to check out??  Let me know!  

Basically I want you to know a New Years resolution can be super fun, rewarding and somewhat meaningless.  We do not all have to plan to get out of debt. Run a marathon. Lose 100 lbs. Although if that is your goal, ROCK ON sister!  I will be hanging with my boys, eating junk food and cheering on the team;) 

One Response to I Actually Kept My New Years Resolution

  1. Stephanie December 29, 2017 at 5:54 pm #

    Definitely a NASCAR race! We went to 2 this year. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to go!

    I like you’re idea of something just for fun and not serious for a resolution.

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