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100 Things to Put in Plastic Eggs That Aren’t Candy

plastic eggsI love making little treasures fit inside the space of a plastic Easter egg.  I am not opposed to candy altogether, but I find that my children really don’t eat much candy anyway. So I’ve created this list of 100 things to put inside Easter eggs that are not candy. Some of these items will require the larger sized plastic egg. Some may need to be taken out of the packaging. But you’ll be surprised by what you can fit inside of an egg. From toddlers to teens, I hope you’ll find something on this list you can use.

  1. tiny stuffed animals

  2. Lego minifigures

  3. Silly Putty

  4. Slinkys

  5. small play dough

  6. modeling clay

  7. Squinkees

  8. mini toy car

  9. rubber poppers

  10. finger puppets

  11. mini squirt gun

  12. egg-shaped shakers (like a maraca)

  13. sponge capsules (that grow sponge shapes in water)

  14. Nerf darts

  15. temporary tattoos

  16. sticker earrings

  17. egg-shaped sidewalk chalk

  18. tiny bubbles

  19. mini puzzle cube

  20. small metal mind puzzles

  21. Party Poppers

  22. pirate eye patch for dress up

  23. parachute man

  24. yo-yos

  25. bouncy ball

  26. uninflated beach ball

  27. balloons or water balloons

  28. marbles

  29. dice

  30. doll accessories and clothes (Barbie, American Girl)

  31. individual packages of fruit snacks

  32. individual packages of nuts

  33. boxes of raisins

  34. hot chocolate K-cups or packets

  35. drink mix-in packets

  36. Chuck E Cheese tokens

  37. money

  38. gift cards

  39. coupon for favorite after-school treat, movie, or chore pass

  40. socks (split one per egg to fit if needed)

  41. lapel pins

  42. necklace

  43. ring

  44. earrings

  45. keychains

  46. stickers

  47. erasers

  48. stamps

  49. inkpads

  50. Washi tape

  51. rolls of ribbon for crafting

  52. embroidery floss or paracord for bracelet making

  53. paper clips

  54. pencil sharpener

  55. pencil grippers

  56. rubber band ball

  57. tiny stapler

  58. super glue

  59. tiny bookmark clips

  60. tiny post-its

  61. fridge magnets (letters or word games)

  62. guitar picks

  63. bath bombs

  64. nail polish

  65. nail polish remover pads

  66. nail art stickers

  67. nail clippers

  68. small nail files

  69. hair bands

  70. hair clips/barrettes

  71. headbands

  72. hand sanitizer

  73. lip balm

  74. lip gloss

  75. make-up blenders

  76. compact mirror

  77. folding hair brush

  78. make-up pencil sharpener

  79. fun Bandaids

  80. dental floss

  81. tissue travel packs

  82. individual facial masks

  83. tweezers

  84. travel-sized toiletry items

  85. seeds to plant

  86. money clip

  87. Sneaker Balls (shoe deodorizer)

  88. colorful shoe laces

  89. ear buds

  90. foam ear plugs

  91. tiny microfiber cloth for electronics

  92. replacement charging cords

  93. USB flash drive

  94. batteries (rechargeable or not)

  95. small flashlight or headlamp

  96. finger lights

  97. glow sticks

  98. pocket knife

  99. fishing lure

  100. a clue or scavenger hunt to find a bigger item hidden somewhere

Do you have any other ideas that you put in Easter Eggs that you can share with us?  Please do!


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2 Responses to 100 Things to Put in Plastic Eggs That Aren’t Candy

  1. vicki Gregg April 3, 2017 at 7:35 pm #

    My kids fave one year were hexbugs! (only one for each as they were expensive)

    • Katy Payne
      Katy Payne April 4, 2017 at 6:01 am #

      Great idea Vicki. My son had one of those. I think it might have been in his stocking. They are the right size:)

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