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Why Father’s Day is bittersweet.


Around this time of year, I always feel it. The overwhelming feeling of sadness, loss and missing my Dad.

6 years ago, it happened. Very sudden, unexpected and certainly life-changing. The call you don’t ever want to receive. And then…a few days after his death, here comes Father’s Day which remains bittersweet each year. I’m thankful for the 30 beautiful years I had with my Dad and all he taught me. I have so much thankfulness for my amazing husband who is an incredible father to our own children. But also the pain of the huge hole my Dad left in our family. The healing that still is taking place in our hearts. The tears that fall every year at this time because we all miss him so. But the joy that shines through knowing that he is in heaven waiting for us there! Thank you Jesus for THIS.

So today, in his memory & honor, I would love to share with you some things I learned from him and through his passing.

First and foremost, throughout the whole experience of losing my Dad, I was reminded of one major thing…GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL. A little back story. My husband Ryan & I lived over 7 hours away from my parents in Lubbock for several years. We didn’t see them much, only at major holidays or short weekend visits. But when I got pregnant with our second child, just a mere 7 months after having our first, we felt like we were supposed to move closer to my family here in East Texas. Nothing really made sense to move…we didn’t have jobs there and we had just built a house in Lubbock. Logically, it didn’t line up. But our hearts told us to do the illogical, crazy thing. We felt God saying, “go.” So we went. For over 2 years, the transition was super tough. We had a hard time getting jobs, we couldn’t seem to find our fit anywhere, struggled financially, BUT we also lived with my parents and spent so many days and nights making memories with my mom & dad. This was truly the best part and was the ray of sunshine that got us through those dark times. My girls really & truly got to know their Grandma & Poppy during that time. We questioned a lot over those 2 years…questioned God, questioned our move, questioned why nothing seemed to be working out for us. And then when Dad suddenly left this earth early that morning, it all made sense. God wanted us to spend the last couple of years of his life with him before he was called home. He wanted my girls to have that time. He wanted me to have that time. Life doesn’t always have to make sense because thankfully we know the ONE who holds everything in the palm of His hand. His plan is better. He always writes a better story. It was here, through my Dad’s passing, I learned true FAITH and TRUST.

13310491_10208009045918906_7833606229265786865_nSecond, here in this letter below are some specific things I learned from my Dad that hopefully will encourage & inspire you as well. This is actually the letter to him that I read at his funeral to a church full of people who he had made some kind of a difference in their lives. I was proud that day that he was MY Dad. This letter shares the impact he made on me and my family.

{Side note: if your Dad is alive this Father’s Day, I challenge you to write a letter to him and read it to him while he’s here with you! Don’t wait to tell him the things he taught you, what he means to you and how he’s impacted your life. Do it now!}


“Unconditional love. That is what you taught me and that is what you gave me. Me and so many others. You were always there for me. When I made a mistake, you were there to help, no
matter the circumstance. When I needed advice and didn’t know what to do next, you would tell me to “do the next right thing.” You listened. You loved. You made me feel special.

Making memories was important to you…our “deer hunting” adventures while singing silly songs, bull nettle busting around our house you built in the country, tossing washers in the shop on snowy days, all of our Mexico Mission trips, running races together, and the list goes on and on. Now more than ever, these memory makers are treasured. They are priceless and I will never forget the wonderful times we had together.

You were the strongest person I’ve ever known. You were a rock. We always knew that Dad would know what to do. “We’ll ask Dad.” “Dad can do it.” “We’ll get Dad to help.” “Dad will know.” These were common phrases around the Dixon household, as we knew we could always count on Dad – for anything, anytime, anywhere. He was there for us and with a smile on his face.

My Addi loves her Poppy and sweet Kamryn certainly adores her Hoppy. I love how God orchestrated the last two years of our lives to live right here close to you so our girls could get to know you. We will never let them forget you Dad.

You lived life to the fullest. You always said you loved mornings because you woke up with an excitement for what each day may bring. You wanted so badly to make your life count and leave a legacy. I couldn’t be more proud of you as I stand here today and say that you’ve done it Dad…you accomplished your goal. You’ve run a great race. And now my goal is to carry on that zeal and passion – to make each day count. To make memories whenever possible with those that I love.

There was, nor ever will be, a doubt in my mind that you loved me. I couldn’t have asked for a better Dad and I will forever be grateful that God blessed me with you.

As I used to say every night when I was a little girl, “Good night Daddy, I love you Daddy.””


Maybe you have also lost a father and I want you to know, I understand how this is a hard day for you, my friend. My heart breaks along with you. But it also rejoices with you! It’s bittersweet, I know. Happy and sad. Every.single.year.

I would love to hear what you’ve learned from your father too, leave me comment! We would absolutely love to read your story and say a prayer for you & your family this Father’s Day.

Let us all remember all that we’ve learned from those that have gone before us and continue to live each day to the fullest, embracing each moment along the way. Each day is a gift to live & to love!


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