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Are you guys riding the love struggle bus?

We are. Spring worked us all into a frenzy of useless proportions and we are now into summer and hoping for a reprieve. It’s coming, girls. I promise. So, as I set my sights on the downhill coast into summertime and easy living, I begin to think of adult conversations, frosty beverages and outfits that aren’t kid friendly (especially considering that my 3-year-old LIFTED MY DRESS HIGHER THAN MY LADY BITS last night at a rare dinner out).

I apologize, in advance, to you non-native East Texans. We’re in this purgatory season of the-pollen-has-left-the-building-and-the-thermostat-is-not-yet-set-on-inferno. It is our own short, sweet season of bliss. Come July (just five weeks from now) we’ll all be locked inside with our air conditioners making enough noise to drown out the kids as they argue over the PlayStation.

For now, though – let’s luxuriate in the loveliness that is late Spring/early Summer in East Texas. It’s the absolute ideal time to grab your better half and get a date night on the books. Now, I’m partial to Longview, Texas. She’s a great little spot between Dallas and Shreveport that has just enough of the finer things to give you pause, balanced with the more “culturally appropriate” activities you’d expect from a town that has plenty of oil money, but zero desire to put on airs (ahem, Dallas.)

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Sounds like something from The Bachelor, right? While I can’t guarantee a rose at the end of this date – I can tell you that you won’t break the bank for your own personal tour of East Texas from 12,000 feet. A private plane and pilot will set you back about $150. Hot air balloon rides are usually twice that at $300.  


Remember that oil money I mentioned earlier? Well, a bunch of kids college educated adults inherited it and decided they liked their money right where they could see it… parked in their driveway. Or racing at Lone Star Speedway on a Friday night. It really is exactly what Hollywood would have you think everyone in East Texas is like.




No… not the boring kind of grocery shopping… the fun kind! My father in-law actually gave me this idea. He took my mother in-law to a “fancy” grocery store and they parted ways to each pick out appetizers, beverages, a main course, dessert… you name it. They met back up at the check-out and hauled their stash home to enjoy! You’d be surprised what you can find that is healthy, delicious and ready-to-eat at your local “fancy” grocery store!


We have spent a couple of our date nights at a local non-profit working on behind-the-scenes projects that need to be completed after hours. Depending on your background, you might be tackling something like painting, moving furniture or rotating seasonal clothing. It is always a nice change of pace to look at the community around you and assess its needs and how you can help.




The best kept secret (when it comes to golf) in East Texas. Plus, you get to gawk at some sweet lakehouses.



*see Dirt Track Racing + indoor and not nearly as dusty. So, call the babysitter and order yourself some daubers and practice your, “BINGO!” yell.



coffee+dinner+drinks+dessert. Hands down these places embody the wide landscape of offerings you’ll find in little ol’Longview. You’ll see hipsters, cowboys, bankers and your housekeeper. Feel free to wear skinny jeans, boots, a tie or your sparkliest formal. 


We’ve got more to offer than you could imagine and cost less than you think!

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  1. Amanda August 8, 2018 at 9:19 am #

    Longview is so hip. You’ve come a long way, baby! Beth, when are you going to take me to these places?!?!? And you need to write about the new snocone place!

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