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Favorite Things Friday: My Back Porch Swing | East Texas Moms Blog

My favorite thing is a space. A place that has become my sanctuary, sanity and my hideout from the world.

It is my back porch swing. 

Three years ago at Christmas my husband Nathan, along with the help of my girls, made me a back porch swing out of cedar wood right from our own property. It was a glorious gift. I loved it from the moment they surprised me with it on Christmas Day. I knew they had been working on a secret project but I truly didn’t know what it was. My girls were eight and eleven at the time, and I’ll never forget the joy they had in revealing their surprise. 

porch swing

My oldest daughter made sure to order pillows for the swing that would be exactly as I would choose. They etched their names into the arm of the swing. It became an instant treasure to me. 

But if the story of the creation of this swing weren’t enough, this Fall we made some changes that made it even more perfect. We did some cleanup in our yard so that we had a better place to host our people. The cleanup made the view from my swing oh so much better. This is my backyard with a lovely pond in the distance. 

We added lights to the back porch. And I decided to add a cushion and then new pillows to brighten up the swing.

porch swing

Now I basically can’t get up from here.

I don’t have my own desk in the house right now. We have a big and open floor plan home that is generally full of people and life and laughter. I love every bit of this season with my family, but lately I’ve also felt the need for my own space. Enter this swing.

It’s comfortable and beautiful.

I can think here. It’s where I bring my computer to write. I listen to podcasts. Sometimes I talk to a friend on the phone. Sometimes I sit in complete silence and hear the wind in the trees, or try to determine what type of creature I hear rustling in the woods. It’s definitely my place. 

The weather this fall has been perfect for swing-sitting.

Tonight as I sit in my swing to write these words, it is a little cooler outside and I have my blanket. I can hear in the distance my son’s friend playing the piano inside the house and the laughter of my people doing something together around the table. You might be thinking that I’m missing out on what’s happening inside. But I’ve found that it works best for me to spend some time in the swing instead of feeling guilted into being a part of every single moment happening inside. It makes me truly enjoy the moments that I choose to engage in with my people. 

I have lots of conversations with God in this porch swing.

Conversations full of emotion that I need to have when no one else is around. Sometimes it’s through tears, and other times I can hardly contain my excitement as I think about dreams and plans for the future. Many times I just sit and listen. I feel peaceful and content more than ever before in this space.

My family knows that if they can’t find me, I’m in this swing.  They can join me, but I’m usually pretty tied up, deep in my own little inner world. So they may stop in to ask a question or say hello, but they never stay long.

This place, this simple and lovely wooden porch swing, has been life-giving for me in the last few months. I feel like somehow it has actually saved me a little and made me better. What a beautiful part of my life for this season.

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