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Woman, Moisturize Your Face! Skincare for Thirty-somethings | East Texas Moms Blog

Welcome to your thirties! 

Things you may expect in this decade – body acceptance, home-ownership, motherhood and (gulp) dry skin. Don’t worry, your friendly neighborhood mommy bloggers Kat and Amanda are back with some words on skincare.  Drink it in!

Kat’s Skincare Routine 20’s vs. 30’s

A long long time ago, people printed out driving directions on Mapquest, women wore ties ironically and I had naturally moisturized skin.  This was my skincare routine in the early 2000’s:

  1. Cleaner: Dove unscented soap
  2. Toner: Witch Hazel (if and only if I had purchased cotton balls which is not really likely)
  3. Moisturizer: Lonely tears and… Houston (yes, you read that correctly, the entire city of Houston and surrounding Gulf Coast was my moisturizer)
  4. Acne spot treatment: tea tree oil

Skin, forgive me, for I knew not what I did. 

First time motherhood at 36 brought with it a real fun mix of post-partum anxiety, hair loss and flaky skin – hormones were not happy with me.  I am realizing a lot about 30-something body – I made a human!  I deserve to be kind to myself.  In a world that glorifies sacrifice and pushing through and harshness and one more rep – I choose to let my soft body love what it loves.  Here’s my simple and gentle skincare routine.

Kat’s morning routine:

  1. Micellar Water  (I’ve used a lot of brands and honestly can’t really tell a difference between them – shrug)
  2. Hada Labo Goku-jyun Milk:  Ladies, don’t be scared, there is not one word of English on this label!  I’m not really a label-reader anyways, except that one time I accidentally read the label of my Dr. Bronners soap and I was temporarily blinded and extremely confused (don’t go down this rabbit hole, just trust!).  This stuff is marketed as a toner, but it’s really a watery-gel-like moisturizer with Hylauronic Acid. It binds to water or humidity and truly PLUMPS the skin. So don’t even bother putting it on in a dry climate.  Lucky for us, East Texas is a humid hell-scape and this is fantastic for your face. Put this on after a shower when your bathroom is all steamy, stick your face in the dishwasher right after it’s done, or make some pasta! 
  3. Cerave Day lotion SPF 30 mixed with 2 drops of rosehip oil: Victoria Secret supermodel and one-time Orlando Bloom paramour, Miranda Kerr uses rosehip oil, so that’s good enough for me.  Glowing skin without having to be pregnant?  Yes, please!
  4. Makeup – Check out our makeup post here

Kat’s evening routine:

  1. Double cleanse with soap first, then micellar water
  2. The Ordinary Lactic Acid -OR- The Ordinary Retinol in Squalane.  I alternate these 2 because they are both exfoliating. I know, I know, you’re supposed to patch test this on your elbow for 1 full year and then gradually moving up 1 inch each month until you can use it on your face.  I’m more of a “slather-first, cry later” person. The late 30’s have definitely opened up a world of gentle exfoliant possibilities. I used to scrub my entire epidermis off with large apricot kernals (you know the shameful product to which I am referring).  Turns out, that causes micro-lesions on the skin which can get infected – dang! Be gentle, friends!  It’s my dream to someday try Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment.  It’s $158 and that hurts my feelings.
  3.   Mizon Snail Essence – Cleopatra, victorious Roman gladiators and me – what do we all have in common?  We all put snail mucus on our face! Ancient people used to let snails slither across their face leaving a clear secretion behind.  Gross? Yup!  Apparently snails secrete mucus when their pleasure centers are aroused (ummmm, lol).  I want to imagine someone in a lab coat showing sexy movies to snails, or possibly giving them tiny magazines featuring snails without shells.  Please, it’s been a rough week, let me imagine this is happening. Anyways, honestly snail mucus is great for redness or healing in general. Try it- it doesn’t smell at all and you’re increasing snail pleasure #SnailLove
  4. Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle Creme with 4 drops of rosehip oil – This moisturizer is very thick, almost “cold-cream” thick.  Not for everyone, and certainly not for day-time use. Eucerin is the Tom Hanks of my skincare routine – not flashy or offensive – it just does the job. 

Kat’s “shelfie”


Hi, my name is Amanda and I have troubled/sensitive/acne prone/aging skin. Am I all alone here? I mean, is that really a skin label?

Too many tanning beds in my youth and a need to become the next Dr. Pimple Popper has done major damage to my skin. As I round the bend to the further end of thirty-something, my once oily skin has exposed a split personality disorder. Some days my face is dry and parched, seeking an oasis like the Sahara Desert. The next day, it is oily and looks like a pan of leftover fried bacon grease (too descriptive?).  Anyways, I have just recently started a skincare routine and regretting I did not start taking care of my skin in my younger days … (take note to the youthful skin mommas out there)!


Amanda’s Morning Routine:

  1. I alternate between SeneDerm Solutions Polishing Exfoliator (gentle volcanic ash polish) and then twice a week, I use SeneDerm Solutions Facial Resurfacer (a stronger volcanic ash exfoliator). There is something therapeutic about the way my skin feels after a good scrubbing!
  2. Looking for an all-in-one face serum? The Ordinary’s Buffet is amazing when mixed with your moisturizer! It claims to fight deep lines, increase plumpness (which is a good thing), and help fade acne scars and sun damage. I have only used one bottle and have seen a small improvement in my forward lines but I think it will take a gallon to remove my icky sun spots and acne scars.
  3. After applying serum, and if I am not using my BB cream during the day, I have found that The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors+HA works well with my skin. It comes at a great price point! It is light and best of all, it does not break me out!
  4. I am still searching for the holy grail primer so if you have any suggestions, let me know! At this point, I apply my makeup and wait and see which personality my skin decides to become that day: oil slick beast or dry, textured thirty something?


Amanda’s Evening Routine:

  1. Let’s take it all off! To start, I use ELF makeup removing cloths to wipe away all my makeup. Other products have broken me out but this brand is rockin’ steady. Almay long wear eye makeup remover wipes are fabulous for saving your lashes as you remove stubborn waterproof mascara.  
  2. One thing I remember my grandmother telling me was “always wash your face.” A face-washing-game- changer for me has been Peter Thomas Roth’s Acne Clearing Wash. I use this only at night as it does contain 2% salicylic acid and might break me out if I use twice a day. I have seen much improvement with my hormonal, adult acne! Good thing I only use a dab once a day because this stuff is pricey!
  3. Every chicka loves a good mask! Remember me wanting to be the next Dr. Pimple Popper? Well, Merle Norman’s Purifying Peel-Off Mask is almost just as good a Pimple Popper You Tube video! Two things I absolutely adore about this peeling mask: a) the peeling action is satisfying as pulling dead skin in sheets after a sunburn (ewww, right?). I can actually see my pores’ indention and fine baby hairs when this sucker is removed. Oh! And my skin feels soft as velvet! b) this is a charcoal mask meaning once I apply it, I am no  longer “mom” but  “mom is that really you ’cause you are freakin’ me out. The kids let me be when I am wearing my mask and that is enough alone to give this product 5 stars! 
  4. After cleansing, I use a few more drops of The Ordinary’s Buffet serum. Go away you nasty sunspots!
  5. Big confession here, I mean HUGE: I am 37 and am just now applying moisturizer. Gasp! For my complicated skin combination, my favorite moisturizer so far is CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream. Now, this is really moisturizing so if you are oily, use only at night as that is when our skin soaks up the most moisture.

Amanda’s “shelfie”

And … the end.

Yes, yes, I know there are several products skincare gurus would love to throw at me but gals, this is enough for now! Let’s just appreciate the fact that I have moved beyond just washing my face.


Share with us! What skincare products do you recommend? Bonus points if you add a “shelfie”!


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