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Goal Setting: New Year – New Me? | East Texas Moms Blog

I’ve been thinking a lot about goal setting the last couple of weeks.

I honestly can’t say that I’ve made a “resolution” in years because I always forget about them. Rather than making resolutions in 2017 I just made a “goal” to read more and I did! I guess calling something a resolution just makes it seem hard to accomplish in my mind. Baby steps right? 

The last couple of weeks I’ve been reflecting on the previous year and trying to pinpoint other areas that I can improve. I decided one of those areas would be just generally taking better care of myself. That looks like cutting down on my coffee intake, changing my routine for reading my bible, and taking better care of my skin to name a few.

I vaguely remember a time where I washed my face every night (and maybe even used moisturizer). Then I became a mom…. can anyone else relate? The things that have anything to do with keeping up appearances tend to fall by the wayside. My youngest child is officially in Kindergarten now and I don’t have babies on my hands anymore. I’m getting more time to myself and I’m able to focus on the person I am still trying to become rather than just the current second I’m living in.

I heard a quote the other day by Bill Hybels that challenged me.

 “My schedule is far less about what I have to get done and more about who I want to become.”

This year the only goal I want to hold fast to is to be intentional with my life. Let me encourage you moms to do the same. We have these sweet kids for a short amount of time and then what will you do? Let’s try not to be so wrapped up in kids and forget who we are or worse…who we’re still becoming.  

There’s grace for every season. You may be in the throws of infants and toddlers, or you may be close to letting your not-so-little children go. As you set your goals this year, let me encourage you to see beyond your current position and take some intentional steps towards those dreams you’ve placed on the back burner. I think you’ll end the year happier not just that you’ve “made it through another year”, but you’ve lived intentionally and gotten closer to making some of your dreams a reality.

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