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Lil’ Bit Crawfish Boil Set (Giveaway)

crawfish boil

Crawfish Boils

It starts when you are a child and you see a crawfish pile and ask what it is. You learn about these little crawdads and have so much fun knocking down their piles even though your mom tells you not to. You get brave and stick sticks down the holes and dig them out, then start jumping and screaming when they snap at the end of your stick!

No? Not you?!

Well, that was a big chunk of my childhood growing up in south Louisiana. But crawfish are way more mudbugsthan just a little fun as a child, they are a tradition steeped with family, friends and such a good time. My uncle actually owns a crawfish farm just a few miles from our house and my brother works during crawfish season harvesting them. Baiting traps, emptying traps, sacking and loading on trucks and then before you know it the whole family is together around tables outside with spicy, hot crawfish, potatoes and corn being poured out. 

Crazy part is, I don’t even like crawfish. It used to drive my uncle crazy that I wouldn’t even try them. I just couldn’t. The bulging eyes and whiskers were just too much. But I LOVED the boils, I loved the family time and the laughter….I loved the tradition and it’s something I wanted to pass down to my babies.

I’m sure you can imagine that when the Kids Crawfish Boil Set from Lil’ Bit Boil Co. was shown to me, I knew we had to have it. It’s JUST like the real ones with a boiler, strainer, real wooden paddle, cajun seasoning, crawfish, potatoes, corn….right down to the mesh bag that they come in.   The kids feel like they are right in the middle of all the fun, boiling right along side the adults!




My kids seriously love it!!

 crawfish boil crawfish boil


crawfish boilCrawfish lovers know this is a tradition that needs to be passed on and what better way to pass it along to our children than with this super cute set? Lil Bit Kid’s Crawfish Boiler Set is made in New Orleans and ordering it from their site is super easy! This is totally going to be gifts for nieces and nephews this year and probably most birthday parties we go too! 

Even though I live in Texas now and we haven’t had big family boils in a long time…just looking out my backyard and window and watching my babies play outside with these crawfish, it makes my heart so happy! 

Passing the tradition down….




We are thrilled that Lil’ Bit Boiling Co. is offering our Readers a special code to use to get their Lil’ Bit Kids Crawfish Boiler Set!  It’s the season to Boil and these will make a fun addition to the party!

Use the code ETMB at checkout to get $5 OFF your order!





**Though this is a Sponsored Post, the opinions are completely ours!

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