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Best Teacher Gifts!

Well I hate to say it, but we are getting close to that time of year again…school starts soon and we will all be trying to find out what to give the teacher! I am writing this post because 1. I am a mom of 4, that faces this struggle each year. And 2. I am a teacher:) I’ll give you the scoop from the inside.

On Meet the Teacher night I give my child’s teacher a gift survey. This has turned out to be the absolute BEST way for me to give gifts throughout the year. Surprisingly that survey is always filled out and sent back home the first day of school!  Here is the survey I like to use. But there are tons on Pinterest to choose from.
Once I have the list I take a picture of it so it is on my phone and I always have it. I try to give gifts on Meet the Teacher night, 1st day of school, parent/teacher conference night (you gotta know my kiddos;), homecoming, Christmas, end of year and the teacher’s birthday. Nothing super big but something from the survey they filled out so I know they will love it! If a survey is not the thing for you here are

My Top 10 Teacher Gifts:
1. A frozen dinner. This was done for me this year and it was the absolute best! This is a great gift to give the 1st day of school or the 1st Friday of school. Or on testing days, or really any day:)
2. Wal-Mart Gift card. I like this gift because I can buy things for my classroom or I can pick up a quick dinner for my family.
3. School Supplies. Teachers are always having to buy extra school supplies.
4. A gift card to their favorite restaurant. Again, this is great the 1st week of school. Teachers are basically zombies this week!
5. Sonic Card. Every teacher loves a refreshing drink.
6. A gift card to get a pedicure. Always nice!
7. A gift card for a massage. Somehow teachers get stressed:)
8. Tickets to the movies. A personal favorite for me.
9. Basically a gift card to almost anywhere.
10. Ask the teacher if there are any students lacking supplies. You don’t need to know who, but I can guarantee you that teacher has a list and he/she will be going to the store and buying all of the missing school supplies. It’s what we do. We love kids!

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