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Kickboxing Momma: I (really do) Love Kickboxing at iLoveKickboxing | East Texas Moms Blog

Truth be told, the name intimidated me. Kickboxing. It sounded like something I tell my kids to stop doing. But the workout I got by kickboxing at iLoveKickboxing – Tyler met my need for exercise as well as fun!

Warming up to kick boxes. Or not.

I drove up to iLoveKickboxing-Tyler on Old Jacksonville Highway unsure of what to expect. The facilities are clean and high-quality, and the entire feel of the place is upbeat. Nothing about this impending experience screamed “violent undertaking.” There isn’t a lot to the facility in terms of size, but they have exactly what you need for the workout.

I arrived early, as requested, and spent time going over my goals with one of the staff members. They were professional and friendly making this nervous momma feel completely at ease. Because this was my first time kickboxing, I was paired with an instructor for the class. My gut reaction was that I’d miss the full effect of the class; after a couple of rounds, however, I knew this was for the best.

Making the (kickboxing) rounds

Jeremy, the instructor, told me to take it easy, to spend my energy carefully. Friends, I have been outrageously out of shape and superbly in shape in my lifetime. I’d categorize myself as moderately out of shape when I stepped into this gym having had three c sections in 4 years and only 6 months post-partum. My recommendation is this: when they say to take it easy, LISTEN to the people. Kickboxing proves to be deceptively vigorous, and after a few punches, you’ll see why they recommend a slower start.

Honestly, the warmup felt, in the moment, as though it would be the hardest part of the workout. However, with each passing round, I felt my whole body fatigue. The twisting, punching, kicking, and even just the stance taken before each punch, all of it combined for an excellent whole-body workout. You can move at your pace through the rounds, which means you control the tempo and the intensity of your workout. There is a short period of partner work which only means that you should bring a friend!

Final word on kickboxing

i love kickboxingKickboxing itself is fun, fast, and a phenomenal workout. Though there are many places you could choose to take up this healthy habit, I highly recommend iLoveKickboxing-Tyler as it is a professional and energizing environment to get your sweat on. One of the best parts of this experience is that classes at iLoveKickboxing -Tyler allow members to burn from 400-1,000 calories in 1 hour! In fact, one of ILKB Tyler’s members recently lost 117 lbs. in 6.5 months and won the ILKB 45 Day Challenge, a nationwide contest. He’ll be the first to tell you ILKB changed his life! 

In fact, maybe it’s time to update your Christmas wish list… Tylerites, check them out here .

Want to try iLoveKickboxing – Tyler and start working on your fitness goals? Visit their website and use the promo code “MEDIA” at checkout for 50% off the web
special! That means you get 3 classes + free boxing gloves for only $9.99!
You can reach the studio at (903) 594-4452 or check them out on Facebook, @ILKBTyler and Instagram,
Their address is: 5526 Old Jacksonville Hwy, Tyler, TX 75703

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