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Fitness Fridays: Finding Out What Works Best for YOU!

I feel like I have tried it all!  And right now…I know what works best for me:)  

I love a good Boot Camp or Fitness Class.  But I need to workout 1st thing in the morning and be at home.  We live pretty far out from all boot camp/fitness classes.  With me working full time, I don’t have enough time in the mornings to drive to town, workout and get back to my house in time to get myself and my family ready for school.  After school…there are ALWAYS conflicts.  My husband is a coach and my boys both play sports.  And we are Foster Parents.  So between football, basketball, baseball, soccer, power lifting, track , CPS visits, lawyer visits, CASA visits, agency visits, WIC, doctors and dentists appointments I just can’t seem to make an afternoon/evening boot camp work.  And when summer comes we play!  We are very rarely at home during the summer.  So this is how I arrived at the conclusion that I need to workout at home on my own time.  Depending on what children we have living in our home, depends on when and where I can workout within the house.  I do have a machine, but I prefer videos.  So here is my current but ever changing workout plan…

Monday through Thursday I do a 5:00 AM workout video.  I LOVE these!  I print the calendar, mark off my days and stick to the schedule.  

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday I walk with my sister right after school.  (This accountability and time to visit with her is my favorite workout.  We break a sweat.  The cousins get to play.  We solve all of our problems:0 ) A win for everyone involved!)

I run 3 days a week.  This changes every week.  When I sit down with my weekly planning , I plan out what 3 days allow a run.  This is my time to be alone.  To think.  To listen to music or a podcast.

I am also currently doing an Arm Challenge.  I love to pick a challenge off of Pinterest each month.  These are fun.  I take pictures and measurements before and after.  I love seeing progress!  

So that’s my fitness plan in a nutshell right now.  Kinda crazy and all over the place but it works for me right now in this crazy season!  

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