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Fitness Friday: Summer Time Ideas


Let’s Get Moving!  Summer Time Ideas

Our Contributing team put our heads together and came up with a list of some “non-traditional” ways to get moving this summer!  AND most of them can be done WITH the kiddos!



Play with your kids

Throw the softball

Pass the Volleyball

Jump on the trampoline

Play active Wii games

Play tennis 

Swim with your kids. Get in the pool and get moving!

Play Swimming games

Water aerobics

Have a pedometer challenge

Go on walks together

DANCE Parties!


Water sprinkler wiffle ball

YARDIO. (Everyone gets a 5 gallon bucket and races to fill it up with sticks and pine cones)

Water fight (balloons, hose, squirt guns)

Outside field trips that get you moving

Roller skating

Ice skating

Backyard obstacle course

Swimming pool volleyball

Bike rides

Mom and me yoga

Swings at the park

Race to clean the house #winwin

Soccer in the yard

Washing cars


Go on a Nature Walk

Find a local walking trail

Ride bikes    

What ways to do you get moving with you kiddos during the summer?  Share those with us!

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