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Fitness Friday ~ Exercise is Easier with a Friend

run with a friend

Exercise is Easier with a Friend

In our Fitness Friday post series, we hope to give you one tip each week that is helpful to us in reaching our fitness goals.

Exercise is easier with a friend!

Last summer, I participated in a P31 Fitness program.  It was great!  I loved it!  EXCEPT that it was at 5 am.  I made it two months and just couldn’t anymore!  However, a friend in the class also had issues with 5 am, and we decided to start running together.  I had not run regularly in a while and this is just the motivation I needed.

It is so much easier to make myself get up and run (at 7 am, not 5) knowing that someone is counting on me to be there.  It’s also a nice time to visit.  Getting to meet my exercise goals and talk to a friend at the same time is great!

For the past eight months, I have been running regularly three to five times a week.  I had not been meeting this exercise goal for nearly a year before this.

So if you have fitness goals that you want to meet, find a friend with similar goals and work together to encourage one another.

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